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January 14, 2014
Goodbye, beloved fixer upper, my first ever artist studio. You were my first (hiding from the Central St Martins janitors at closing time to stay overnight and paint in the illustration studios don't count) and our brief but frequent dalliances have given me a taste of the luxury of having a workspace that isn't my living room, a desk in an office, or a corner of my flat. C'est la catalyst. I want an artist's studio! And what does one who is Posh, Broke, & Bored do when one wants something beyond their means? Scour Pinterest and Tumblr for photos of studios and spaces one wants in the hope that that effort alone will nudge the universe into delivering (hands up if you think The Secret is the greatest discovery for the lazy and wanting!). Or post your desire for one all over social media in the hope that someone will see one's post and go "Hey, I have a warehouse conversion/loft with huge sash windows, a skylight, an exposed brick wall, three white walls, ceilings as high as a cathedral, AND it comes with heating! For free!"  Hey, it can't hurt to put yourself out there. You don't ask you don't get. Here are some artist studios and workspaces I've been quivering over.

A glimpse into my equivalent of a secret porn folder.

I think these pictures are either from Dwell, or are of Dwell's studio. I love that ceiling medallion, those lamps, those wood floors, and the neat monochrome colour palette of everything from the furniture down to the art materials.

Those windows! That street art outside, so crisp and classy yet so subversive in its existence! It's all so urban! 

Hermes studio.

Oh my God, I love greenhouse studios! How clean the air must be, and how lush, how verdant one's surroundings. I love bringing the outside indoors. Because I love yet am terrified of the wild, giant potted plants, conservatories, and wood floors is my idea of nature.

My hero Frida Kahlo. 

There's something so Parisian la boheme about this. It makes me think of Charles Aznavour.

High ceilings and huge windows letting in abundant natural light is of course the very essence of the perfect artist's studio. For the introvert who wants to enjoy the beautiful weather from indoors.

I love how these art supplies are arranged.


I had what is basically a nerd's idea of a wet dream to end all wet dreams.

I dreamt that I found myself in possession of a studio that was the size of an airport. It was in Battersea, and its ceiling-to-floor glass windows overlooked the waters of the Thames, the river was right on the doorstep. It was at least five floors high, and everything was steel, concrete, and glass. There were no ceilings separating each floor, instead every floor was a mezzanine with walkways of perforated steel that you could peer through the holes to look down below. It was so vast it had escalators, which I would take when I was in a hurry instead of running down the steel steps. But there was a show-stopping glass stair case in the middle of the ground floor! On the ground floor there was a cello recital and a shop selling books and art materials. My workspace was on the highest floor where I would look up into the skylight and see the grey London skies. India had a massive rave on the first floor and I couldn't hear it from my floor, that's how enormous the place was! And we know how loud her parties get! Everything was so vivid and so real, I felt every footstep I took across the steel staircase resonate throughout my body.

This is what happens when you read architecture and interior design blogs before you go to sleep. Sigh. I am such a nerd. C'est whatever.

And of course, motivational posters for the artist who fears their faith may falter...

...all photos from Pinterest and Tumblr.


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  1. Those studios look amazing!! I really want one someday too