Chinese New Year closet

January 30, 2014
Tomorrow is the first day of Chinese New Year!

Like General Sun Tzu, I have my tactics and strategies to get myself through this battlefield down to a military precision. Except that The Art Of War only has 13 chapters whereas I have enough clothes to cover the first 15 days (the only ones that matter, really) of Chinese New Year. I never thought I would say this, but...I am greater than Sun Tzu. Can I now have my own Wikipedia page? Obviously no self-respecting superstitious Chinese person would dare begin the lunar new year with a wardrobe full of new clothes. But how many of them decide to create for themselves a new dressing room especially for Chinese New Year? I did. I turned one of the guest rooms into my dressing room! 

I moved all my new Chinese New Year clothes, accessories, and things I would be wearing for the next two weeks into my dressing room. Chose a few handbags that matched the theme and pulled them out of the closet. But by far by favourite part of this whole endeavour was buying that cheap clothing rail from Ikea! Je suis un bargainista.

I know it doesn't look like much for 15 days of clothes but believe me when I say I can make it work. I don't even intend to wear those three dresses at the back for CNY, that all-white evening dress pantang lah (taboo).

The colour scheme for the next two weeks is red (ong), gold (huat ah), houndstooth (very trend much like such nice), and green (my lucky colour).

Buddha approves of my new chokers from House Of Eight. I'm loving this style of chunky costume jewellery, it reminds me of hideously outdated heirloom jewels passed down generation to generation that nobody is allowed to reset so one just lives with it and makes the most out of it.

I'm not as privileged as some of my friends who get Birkins for their birthdays and I'm too poor to buy one for myself. The next best thing? A parody Birkin by Banana Taipei. The handles of which I am entwining with a real Hermes scarf. 

My gold Chinese New Year heels. I've cheated and worn these a couple of times already. *burns sage to compensate for loss of good luck*

Speaking of luck, superstition, and magic...

The strangest things happened on Monday. The events themselves were not extraordinary, not for the likes of me anyway, but the fact that three of the like occurred literally within hours of each other. That's like winning three contests in a few hours, but in my case quite the opposite. Anyway, me and Diana, fellow conspiracy theorist and speculator extraordinaire, spent a good hour on Facetime discussing and analysing it from ever conceivable angle. We love doing that! She has a talent for decoding messages and I'm quite good at reading people's actions. Together we should work as code breakers in wartime. Anyway, we decided that either somebody is beyond dedicated in their crusade (if so it's a bit disturbing, and a bit sad) or if it is just coincidence and the stars aligned at that particular window of time to release all the nasties out of their cage. Like Hungry Ghost month. Maybe Mars was in retrograde with Jupiter who was cohabiting in Uranus. I'm itching for answers! I'll have to visit my fortune teller. Maybe I should go beyond and visit a bomoh to get some spells...any shady politicos want to recommend one? Lao niang promise won't jampi you, lao niang no crave power nor desire money. Swear on my hamster.

I'm just joking about the bomoh bit, I don't do black magic. I'm all about light. 
*waves bundle of sage* "I command you to leave! Basic bee hatches, BEGONE!"

I digress.

My CNY flats! First, fourth, and fifth from Vincci (showing some love to the Yong family since I always shop at their competitor Charles & Keith), I bought them literally within an hour of arriving in Penang. Second, Ted Baker which I bought ages ago and have been hoarding. Third, Steve Madden, got them half price in the Boxing Day sales! All the sandals and flats were so cheap, what I paid for all of them would only buy me half a pair of Loubs.

A clutch made from the same green suede as my 'elf-on-crack' slippers...

...and this adorable Valentino inspired satchel. I've been wanting a small, satchel-like purse for a while that I wouldn't have to worry about getting dirty, this is perfect. Mint green, matte, and clear...I'm so pleased! Both from Charles & Keith (sorry Chris).

Herve Leger and BCBG Max Axria evening dresses from On A Cloudy Day. I probably won't wear these during CNY because my next two weeks will be pretty low-key. My Chinese New Year is less parties and more reading at home.




Recently this woman made news for ruining her already beautiful face with plastic surgery by getting an extremely pointy chin implant that's all the rage with the plastics in East Asia. You see it all over Instagram with the so-called self-lauded Instagram celebrities of Malaysia/Singapore, who are really a new wave of 'reachers' that invest in a new face thinking it will bring returns of attracting men of a certain status and bankroll. They all look the same because they go to the surgeons in Korea who do the same face: overly pointy chins, 'V-shape face', fake eyebags, and permanently surprised eyes. I'm grateful my parents forbade permission when as a teen I asked if I could fix my features that I hated. They told me to grow into my face and learn to accept my flaws. I'm glad they gave me no choice in the matter because now I'm more or less alright with the way I look. I mean I don't think my face is great, but now I can always distract from my lack of symmetry by being well-dressed. 

Look at my handbag, not my wonky face! Hahaha.

Oh dear these are black, will they bring me bad luck? As long as I don't carry them on the first day of Chinese New Year I should be fine...right? *consults fortune teller*

That's pretty much it for my Chinese New Year closet. I hope the first 15 days pass smoothly! Now I must dash, I have to prepare for tonight's reunion dinner. Happy Year Of The Horse to everyone. Gong   Xi Fa Cai Hong Bao Na Lai!



  1. Wow! You've really nice bags and I love your accessories especially the chokers! I've been following your blog for quite some time now and I really enjoy reading your posts! 恭喜发财!! May you explore new goals and reach new heights of success!! Sherry.

    1. Thank you Sherry! I'm glad to hear it. 恭喜发财万事如意!Gong xi fa cai, wan shi ru yi! xx

  2. Happy Chinese New Year!! I really love your wardrobe..especially the necklaces and bags!! Gorgeous :D

    1. I especially like the necklaces! 恭喜发财万事如意 Tiffany! xx

  3. I especially like the necklaces! 恭喜发财万事如意!Gong xi fa cai Tiffany! xx