Ben Sherman VIP party at The London Edition.

January 08, 2014
I will not pretend that this blog post has any intellectual substance. Rather I embrace the fact that it is merely a vehicle for tipsy, narcissistic, Fashion Week selfies.

I just got home from the Ben Sherman VIP party at The London Edition (where I spend most of my life, second only to Duck & Waffle) and you might be wondering why the need to blog before bedtime photos you took only hours ago? To which I say; blogging should be instant, if I were to wait two-three days before publishing an event I might as well quit the internet and start a print magazine. I'm sure everyone wants to read about a party weeks after it happens. If you're not going to be consistent just stick to print media.

Of course Luxy and I would have fries during fashion week. Fries (sadly they were not the truffle fries I was promised) and champagne equals balanced diet.

Luxy and I.

Edd and Luxy.

Endless fashion week selfies because I think my makeup looked alright tonight.

I'll probably update this post tomorrow with a picture of myself from Getty images but I'm too tired to think about it now. I got home, took off my heels, and rubbed my bare soles on the carpet. Oh bliss. I am so barbaric. Goodnight world. x


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    1. I'm publishing this comment only because I can't reply to you any other way---way to hide behind anonymity, who's the coward now?---and this is all I have to say before I block you. Whatever issues you have with my friends (and me, by osmosis) talk it out in person like an adult. My blog isn't a place for you to air your dirty laundry. I hope you resolve your issues soon, being angry is no way to go about life. x