Bailey Nelson eyewear

January 22, 2014
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Last year---as archaic as that sounds, it was really only a couple of months ago---I tried on and fell in love with a pair of reading glasses by Bailey Nelson at the Bespoke HQ preview at Clerkenwell Collection. I've been wearing the same pair of cheap glasses with a broken hinge for nearly a year that kept sliding down my nose, so when I felt, for the first time in a long time, what real glasses felt like, I was smitten. It was like tasting caviar after a lifetime of eating catfish. 

This pair actually stays in place (most glasses slide down my narrow nose bridge), I can wear them without my lashes brushing uncomfortably against them, and I love that they're so large that they frame my eyes perfectly while giving me a bigger field of vision (is that the word?). None of the fuzzy top, bottom, and sides nonsense like an overly blurred Instagram photo. I feel like a horse whose blinkers have been removed.

"Bailey Nelson was founded in 2012, in Sydney, Australia. The philosophy is based on fair prices for amazing glasses. Bailey Nelson offer a completely new way of buying your prescription spectacles. Rather than pay hundreds of pounds extra for brand names that have little to no input in the actual frame design, they get their frames manufactured directly for them. This cuts out multiple parties in the chain to dramatically reduce the price. All the frames are of the highest quality using high end Italian acetates and 5 barrel hinges. You may also note that each pair is subtly different in colour because they are each made of an individual piece of acetate. Most recently, they've introduced Japanese made polarised lenses into all their sunglasses. 
All the lenses are provided with anti-scratch, anti-reflective multicoat. Bailey Nelson do not sell any lenses without multicoat because they believe this is a standard requirement not an optional up-sell. Where required, they will use higher index lenses to ensure comfort and thinness. For very strong scripts, they offer 1.67 and 1.74 index lenses, which do cost extra, but provide a much thinner lens." 

At prices starting from £98 the glasses are really very reasonably priced too...!

It was difficult picking just one; I fell in love with the tortoiseshell versions, the vintage-shaped frames, and the more conventionally-shaped narrow frames, but eventually I made up my mind.

I've been wearing them for a week and I love them, I can't recommend them enough. This coming from someone who is practically blind, lives in her glasses, and makes a living staring at things for prolonged periods of time; whether I'm squinting at my blog thinking of new and creative ways to describe how I'm Posh, Broke, & Bored or whether I'm staring at minute details on my paintings and drawings. Perfect for both posturers with perfect vision and those with a real need for optical aid. 

It doesn't hurt that they make as terribly photogenic props for narcissistic social-media enabled selfies, but I wouldn't know, I don't know anyone who does anything like that.

My Bailey Nelson frames were a gift from The Clerkenwell Collection, the same gallery and retail space in Farringdon that also stocks Guirado Design and other brands; among them Bespoke HQ suits, jewellery, and also wine (!).

In the immortal words of Johnny Nash: "I can see clearly now, the rain has gone."



  1. Oh wow love them - they suit you a treat! x

    1. hehe thank you Laura! To be fair these glasses are super flattering, I think they'd suit anyone. My Malaysian bestie put them on and squealed OMG it makes my nose look so sharp (defined)! x