One last look at 2013

December 31, 2013
Time has a way of speeding up when you're living vicariously and slowing down when you're waiting for something, hasn't it? I can't believe it is almost 2014. I've only just started to remember to sign my cheques 2013 and not 2012...and when someone says '10 years ago' I still think of the 90s. Thank God for this blog, and for my habit of taking photos and documenting everything...a lot of my older friends think it's strange of me to 'live my life on the internet' but really everything online is just the tip of the iceberg. I do keep a lot to myself, I'm not a over sharer...the things I post on Posh, Broke, & Bored are just little snippets of events and thoughts I care to remember.

Here are my highlights, my ups and downs of 2013...!

2013 got off to a rough start. 

I broke up with the second person I've ever fallen in love with. It was a mutual and amiable decision but it doesn't make it any easier. I dealt with it and distracted myself by dabbling in real estate, for both hamsters and humans.


Back in Kuala Lumpur, my friends and I graduated from our post-university tradition of staying at the Mandarin Oriental to staying at the penthouse. I met Nana at Michiekin's birthday and we properly bonded during Nuffnang 6th birthday. I now have a 小妹妹 who's also a Leo!

Red Eagle, Blue Cat, and Grey Dugong go to Langkawi. Where 'anak Cheng Chi Fan menyamar katak' in the swimming pool.

Went to Bangkok with Michiekins.


Asahi sent me to Future Music Festival Asia, it was my first time! Saw PSY perform his so-called 'last performance of Gangnam Style'.

I got dragged to a lot of fashion parties. Magnum by Jovian Mandagie, the Topshop pool partyMercedes Benz Stylo fashion week where I finally met Datuk Jimmy Choo.

Broke tradition and didn't go to F1 this year. But of course I went to the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit party. 

I met Madam Lulu and she changed my life. I became openly superstitious and unabashedly spiritual. I decided to stop wearing black, purple, and burgundy---my three ex-favourite colours which were also my unlucky colours. 


Took some sensual photos with Max, one of my favourite collaborators.

As predicted by Madam Lulu I joined The Heat as contributor. I created my roman a clef comic series Audaciously Yours for their monthly lifestyle centrespread. With Audaciously Yours I came full circle with my teenage dream of being a comic artist.


I joined Nuffnang UK, the sister company of Nuffnang who manages all my Malaysian blogger friends as talents. 


I went to Montenegro.

I "Balkan-ed so hard Montenegrins wanna fine me, first Slavs gotta find me, what's Yugoslavia to a Serb like me can you please remind me?"

Broke the Royal Ascot curse. Travelled to Norfolk for Wyndstock the same day.

Went to Isle of Wight after.


Started a silly Instagram series called Things The Same Size As Coolio.

Enjoyed one last hurrah at Malaysia Airline's Golden lounge before I got downgraded from Gold to Silver. ARGH! Now I have to book business class flights all the time so I don't have to suffer the discomfort of waiting in an open lounge before my flight. At least in Economy you can knock back a melatonin and pass out for 13 hours, but what about before getting on the plane?! A relaxing lounge makes the difference between trip and mission.


Embraced my age. Celebrated my birthday for the first time in 10 years  (probably more) with, ironically, a party where we all pretended to be in high school. Selamat datang ke Golek-Unit International High School!

Witnessed and played a helping hand in David's surprise proposal to Sheena.

Went to Notting Hill carnival for the first time in my six years as a Londoner. 

Discovered a terrifying but impressively thorough forum called Get Off My Internets. Or should I say they discovered me. My blog hits doubled ever since from 750-1000 daily to 1500-2500 daily. I should send them flowers.


Audaciously Yours debuts in The Heat with Week 1: The Prodigious Daughter Returns! My mum freaks out and buys six copies, my dad nods sagely and is forced to acknowledge me as his daughter (I'm joking, he's always been proud of me...right? Dad? *small voice*).

Lost far too many personal possessions during London Fashion Week.

For the second (or third?) time in as many years since graduation another student from my alma matter (Central St. Martins) does a dissertation on my work. In the interest of giving her good content in our interview I revisit the thought process of art-school me...and dear God it is pretentious. Cringing and embarrassment ensues for days after.

Started another silly Instagram series, this time a bunch of videos hashtagged Disney Princess Auditions.


Audaciously Yours Week 2 : Follow, Stalk, Avoid hits the newsstands and everyone I know in Kuala Lumpur is convinced that they are the people mentioned in that issue

Met Billy Zane and told him that I always listen to him because he's a cool dude, he's trying to help me out.

Went to Paris with India and decided I would move there if only because the Uber taxis are nicer than the ones in London.

Started doing the birthday portrait series (which I've neglected in December! Must get back on it).


Audaciously Yours 3: Don't Hate, Appreciate is published. In it I address the race-shaming hypocrisy that is sadly prevalent whenever someone deviates from their natural appearance or shows an interest in any culture apart from their own. 

Wrote advertorials for La SenzaDayreNokia, and Printic. Apart from Dayre all those clients approached me personally and know of my blog by word-of-mouth. So it must mean that companies are paying attention and think that my writing is actually decent, not just the narcissistic ramblings of a bored, privileged, fantasist...? The thought is actually quite scary.


Audaciously Yours Week 4: The Anti-Social Media Pt.1 went to print. And then The Heat was served a suspension order by the Home Ministry for daring to publish an article scrutinising the PM's spending. Which means AYX is on hiatus...and I am not pleased.

Mummy came to London and we visited the showrooms for Circus West to pick the colour scheme for my new flat. Lord Marland said I've made 30% profit already even before building has started so I'm quite pleased.

Most people can't take photos in Chanel, but I sing Disney songs and film Instagram videos because I can.

I got my first artist studio! It's a fixer upper with potential and I'm excited to improve the space.

And finally,

I am collaborating with Moet & Chandon on an project! Michiekins and I are producing an artwork to be auctioned mid-January in Kuala Lumpur. Proof that when God shuts a door he opens a window. 

What a great way to end 2013 and begin 2014! 

I hope this is an indication of an even better year to come!

Bring it on, 2014, I can handle you. Even if I'll still be accidentally signing my cheques as 2013.


  1. A year well lived! all I have to show for it is a quiet life on a daily basis. I guess it could be worse!
    But you totally forgot your new addiction to stickers!
    and doge.


    1. Oh wow such Doge how can forget many worry much embarrass!
      Happy New Year Amber xx