Le fixer upper (my first studio!)

December 30, 2013
By some stroke of good luck I've found myself an artist's studio. 

By 'found' I mean it fell into my lap just because I wished for it hard enough (The Secret is my gospel) in the same way that everything I've ever wished for in this life (except for love, but I'm sure there's a good reason why the universe has been withholding it thus far) has made it's way for me by law of attraction: because my willpower is so magnetic it has a gravitational pull of its own. 

I've been wanting a studio for a while. Not just for the bohemian glamour of it mind you (maybe just a little) but also because I'd be much less hesitant about making a mess and thus be more experimental with my work. I can very well digitally colour comics sitting on my pretty white leather sofa or gingerly paint small portraits on my dining table. But this prim and properness is a hindrance...how am going to ever going to do this in my tiny apartment? At this rate, I'll never open for the next Beijing Olympics.

Admittedly I'd also need to learn how to dance. One challenge at a time.

Diana invited me to share her artist's studio with her and I repaid her generosity by helping her carry upcycled (fancy word for rescued from the skip) furniture up three flights of stairs and into the space. She had been using an ASOS box as a table for weeks but within half an hour of me being there the place has five pieces of furniture (six if you count the ASOS box hahaha).

We rescued some things from the skip and turned this empty room (no windows, yay!) into a semi-functioning space. Now there are two chairs, a coffee table (made from 2 crates), and a stool slash small table of sorts. Coats, hats, bags and scissors hang off nails in the wall. There's a heater in the corner but the rest of the building is unbearably cold, everytime I wash my hands I die just a little inside. 

The chairs are so disgustingly grubby I am convinced that the reason why I have a cold is because I sat on it for five minutes. These photos exist as a 'before' picture and also so I can look back on them when I am a successful artist to see how far I've come.

The randomness of all the furniture makes the place look like an art installation. I half expect to see Marina Abramovic napping in a corner.

I'm actually quite enjoying this 'mishmash' aesthetic. After all, how often do I get to kit out a space with a  smorgasbord of discarded bits rescued from the trash? I do admire the eclectic, upcycled look in other people's homes but now my own, it would look odd against my landscape of modern traditional. So this studio is the perfect place to play out my shabby chic fantasies.

That said I wouldn't say no to tidying up the place a little. Jay wants to get get the walls painted white, Diana needs to get her colouramas in to use as photography backdrops, and I'd be happy if I could just be sure that the furniture doesn't have cooties. Diana sprayed the chairs with deodorant. "D, I'm not sure that will sanitise it..." "Well at least now it smells nice!"

That said if I have my way with the place I'd cover the walls in twee wallpaper, get a hat and coat stand, an IKEA desk in that pine wood effect that usually looks cheap but would work perfectly here, a couple of cardboard stools (surprisingly sturdy), and get one of those hideous old-fashioned electric heaters that one associates with old people's homes. This is my one chance to work the skipster (skip hipster, I made that up) aesthetic and I'd be damned if I didn't shove in as much shabby-looking things as I can find.

Like so.

(Dwarf hamster added to the collage because they bring joy and smiles to any space)

A painting I'm working on.

This is the first time I've painted something so excessively pretty. That is, pandering to the 'obviously feminine' sensibility. You know the one, the kind of ombre-pastel-pink-glittery aesthetic all over Pinterest as championed by Lauren Conrad. What can I say, must appeal to the common denominator.

Said painting is for a collaboration that I'm very excited about! Will share more very soon!

This place will do nicely for now, but I'm looking for somewhere bigger to share with more people, closer (Shoreditch/Hoxton/Dalston area), and with WINDOWS. Anybody know of anything?


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