Circus West: My new Battersea pad ♡

December 06, 2013
Early this year a new rung was added to my property ladder. The apartment I'm staying in now is nice enough but as the 'Bored' in my blog's name will allude to, I never settle with my standards. Yesterday's cheese is tomorrow's mold, and the flat I had when I was a wild child of 24 just won't do for when I'm married, raising children, and starting a dwarf hamster farm (a lifelong dream of mine). So when the Battersea Power station developments were announced such an opportunity for a come up was not to be missed. Has it been almost a year? It must be, because on Monday I had to visit the Circus West showrooms to pick the colour scheme for my new apartment.

My mother of course is the proactive one. Before we showed up at Battersea she was already in Islington looking for more property to buy while I was still curled up in bed. After she picked me up at midday I was still in a daze and this exchange transpired---

Me, to our driver: "I need a coffee. Now. There's a Pret. Pull over"
Driver: "Madam, I can't. That's a loading bay, only vehicles stopping to load goods can use it."
My mother: "Well she's loading caffeine into her body, isn't she?! Pull over."

I can always count on mummy to fight my corner and have my back. 

The Pavillion lobby, which I imagine will be the lobby and concierge for the apartment block.

Circus West.

Lit up is my unit, a two-bedroom overlooking the courtyard and also peering into my neighbour's gardens like the voyeur I am.

A model of what the entire Battersea Power station developments would look like. I pointed to the too-blue plastic that represented the river and complained "That's a misrepresentation, the Thames looks nothing like this!"

We were brought up to the showrooms so I could compare the two colour schemes for the floors and cabinetry---light or dark---and pick one as building work for my apartment was commencing.

The personal balcony that runs along from outside the living room, to the smaller bedroom, to the master bedroom. Floor to ceiling glass windows to let in as much light as possible, but can be left shut on colder days (and it does get breezy by the river) so I can lounge outside to enjoy the illusion of being outdoors with the comfort of being indoors. I'm thinking of converting a corner into a dwarf hamster farm...!

The showroom for the 2 bedroom apartments (mine) had dark flooring and cabinetry throughout...

The small bedroom.

The master bedroom.

The one bedroom showroom had light flooring which I preferred...!

That dove grey colour scheme is to die for...!

I think the way the light floors matches the balcony's own light tiles makes the balcony look more like a natural extension of the apartment, hence 'opening up' the place. And also light floors make the place look brighter, but my mum disagrees, she thinks it makes the place look shabby and worn out.

I'm picking dark floors to keep the peace with my mother. Either way it doesn't matter, I'm probably not going to move in when it's completed (2016), I'm likely to sell it. I've been told from a reliable source---Lord Marland no less---that I've already made a profit of 30% and that the prices are set to go even higher.

Also, my fortune teller told me that I'd have my dream home in two years, just a little before Circus West is completed and ready to move in. I don't know what my idea of a dream home in two years will be but I can tell you that right now, it's not this place. It's nice enough for a bachelor pad but not for the hamster equivalent of a crazy cat lady. Think Miss Haversham in an old house surrounded by dwarf hamsters...yup, that's who I'll be. Not in some nice, modern, apartment facing the river. But either way it's nice to know that it's waiting for me and I have the choice to move in if I want.

In the likely event that I do sell...anybody want to buy it off me? I'll throw in a couple of dwarf hamsters for readers of this blog.


  1. Nice pad! But you're right, it's a bit too modern for your lifetime dreams.
    Made me miss London now (even if I never liked the station and wondered why they kept it up..) I lived just across the river too!

    1. What's it like living across a river, is it really as cold as I think it is (that is, excruciating everytime the wind blows)? x

    2. I don't think the wind or rain was any different LOL.
      In all honesty my street was curved away from the river but I walked by all the time. The one thing I did NOT like was the scary estate next door (Churchill Gardens?). And I mean really scary. When moving in they had police notices at the entrance saying "attempted murder, call if you have any details". >.<"

  2. And, this must be how your mother effectively broke every glass ceiling around - because she never took no for an answer!

    My mother: "Well she's loading caffeine into her body, isn't she?! Pull over."

    I love it! Beautiful new place, I'm not familiar with the geo of London other than Shoreditch and Bodos Schloss, but looks like a great view!