A perfect Sunday.

December 02, 2013
I had the most perfect Sunday despite the universe's usual attempt at sabotage. Let it be known that when it comes to me everything that can go wrong will go wrong and anything that can't go wrong will go wrong anyway. Of course this is less to do with circumstance (I'm not wanting in many ways, in fact I am aware of how relatively blessed I am) and more to do with the fact that I am a simple-minded, accident-prone fool with unrealistic expectations born from a lifetime of watching Disney movies. Don't be fooled by my cheerful optimism and seemingly serene life, the former is born out of necessity to survive my kind of haplessness and the latter is a real effort on my part. 

But yesterday I had for the first time in a long while the kind of day where everything went right. It was wonderful and I so grateful. 

I'm certain most are familiar with Dr. Seuss's quote "You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams". Allow me to amend that to "You know you don't completely suck at life when you successfully avert every potential mishap thrown at you to carry on having the perfect day you've planned." 

Potential mishap 1: My left contact lens just wouldn't sit comfortably and kept making a bid for freedom from my eye. I was this close to taking it out and walking around half-blind but mummy's friend saved me with some eyedrops. Anyone who is severely shortsighted understands how vulnerable one feels when a contact lens goes awry. 

Potential mishap 2: Nearly missing one's high tea because someone just had to buy one more thing at Miu Miu, and when hailing a cab whose cabbie incredulously goes "Fortnum & Mason?! Madam, are you serious?! It's just down the road!" screaming "We're late and tea waits for no one!" and taking the cab anyway (The fare must've have been the lowest in taxi history. £3.20? Get out)

Potential mishap 3: Getting to Fortnum & Mason for high tea only to learn that one accidentally made the booking for Wednesday and not Sunday, but despite the tea salon being completely booked and having to be turned away one gets a private room instead. 

Potential mishap 3: The turkey one defrosted in the fridge for a belated Thanksgiving dinner one is hosting is still frozen solid, but with the help of the microwave managed to thaw in time. It was perfectly cooked and nobody was poisoned. 

I know these are all first-world problems, but when accumulated they can really put a damper on a day and make one feel even more useless that one already does. Especially if one is a hopelessly naive idealist who believes that only good things should happen to good people (or at least people who try to be good). But thank God, my good luck persevered. In your face, Murphy's Law.

I retract that arrogance just in case I've used up all my good luck for the rest of the year. I will probably slip and fall in horse droppings tomorrow.


My day begun with a bleary-eyed journey to meet mummy and SL for a late breakfast to The Wolseley. Mummy Whatsapped me an hour before to ask "Are we eating? Because I've already had two breakfasts".  The woman is hardcore, it's ten in the morning on a Sunday, I'm barely awake and keep slipping off the taxi seat but she's about to have her third breakfast of the day. 

This is the face of true fortitude.  My mother, who can solve any problem, climb any mountain, and smash any glass ceiling. I should be so lucky to have even a tenth of her ability, strength, and determination. 

Inspired by Kate's incredible photography I've just discovered on her blog A Southern Belle in London I tried to attempt the kind of framing and depth of field in her photos that I do so admire.

 I think this shot, above, might just manage to pass...! I have so much to learn.

I plumped for eggs and soldiers because buttery toast dipped in runny egg is sweet manna from the Gods. And manna I needed for I was not quite awake.

I was seated in the naughty corner beside one of the tills. 

Corpses. How does one eat egg and soldiers tidily? The answer is, one does not. One can not.

Invigorated by breakfast we trotted over to Old Bond Street in a valiant effort to keep the economy afloat. Who cares how and where one spends their money as long as it keeps the economy going, the industry flourishing, and people employed. 

I call this piece of performance art "The Spoilt Little Mermaid in Chanel". Part of your wooooorld!

I can't wait to use this beautiful green baby for Chinese New Year, it will compliment the dress I ordered from PPQ so wonderfully...!

I took this blurry shot in Miu Miu and promptly fell asleep on the sofa. Shopping stamina, I have not.

The ladies' shopping spree was promptly interrupted with a sojourn to Fortnum & Mason.

I know it photographs well but nothing terrifies me more than a Christmas sections in a store on a Sunday. It means one thing; hordes of shoppers tripping over your feet, jostling elbows, and obstructing your path. 

The Diamond Jubilee tea salon was just as crowded but slightly more serene.

The pianist is throwing me some serious shade...look at the side eye he's giving me! I must look very dislikable, with my ridiculous cat ears and stupidly big camera. *sad*

I was slightly safer in the comfort and solitude of our private room.

I've wanted a YSL, sorry, Saint Laurent arty ring for so long. I'm so happy to finally have one, and that it perfectly matched the duck blue egg colours of F&M was just the icing on a sundae. Little things like these make me happy.

The high tea at F&M is alright. The eggs benedict is nice, and I have had nicer cakes but really most people are there for the ambience. And F&M certainly does not disappoint in that regard. 

This is why service staff hate me. By the end of every meal my napkins look like a battle scene. I have no regrets, I cannot live without red lipstick.

It was getting dark, an indication that it was time to head back East to cook a belated Thanksgiving dinner for the man who taught me how to rap, one of my best friends and my favourite Mormon in the world. 

All hail and bow down to the master.

I served up turkey breast, onion and sage stuffing with quail's eggs, grilled vegetables with more quail's eggs, and garlic butter mash with mustard. We drank spicy blood orange champagne punch which I thankfully had the foresight to make the evening before. What I didn't serve was the mango and passionfruit cheesecakes (which I bought, shhh don't tell anyone) because I forgot. 

I took a lot of photos of my Thanksgiving dinner for two, but they were terrible and I shan't mar an otherwise nice blog post by posting them all.

My turkey was, according to "a true meat-loving, gun-toting, Bible-thumping American" perfectly cooked and "passed with flying colours. You are now an honorary American". Why thank you, pilgrim!

One last pleasing thing to end a perfect day. Strictly speaking this happened on Friday, but...

You don't ask, you don't get! It's good to have a bit of cheek. Malaysia Tatler, I will hold you to this!

Thank you, to noone and everyone in particular, for an amazing Sunday. I couldn't have asked for more.



  1. I have always wanted to have tea at Fortnum and Mason. It looks like a beautiful day with your mother, who seems absolutely lovely!
    - Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

    1. My mother is the best mother in the world! Every day with her is a beautiful day!
      And you must go to F&M for tea just for the ambience alone. x

  2. you and your mum look so alike! so pretty!!

  3. can't nobody eat like the malaysian's eat! *belly bump*

    1. AHAHAHAHAHA belly bumps should be the new default Malaysian greeting! Eskimo nose rubs have NOTHING on us. x

  4. This post has definitely made me hungry! I do love high tea and breakfast. I am in awe of Kate's photography on her blog too! Such beautiful photos.

    Beth // SANS SOUCI

    1. Maybe if we ask Kate reaaally nicely she'll hold a photography workshop to teach us how to level up! ;) x

  5. Ahhhh thank you so much for the kind words! Your photos are wonderful :D I am dying to try the tea at F&M now if only to be in the same room as those beautiful egg-blue teacups. Also I'm SUPER jealous you had such a juicy, delicious looking Thanksgiving turkey! Clearly next year I'm going to have to say no to any jobs I get on the day and cook my own Thanksgiving feast... #grumpy

    1. Thank you! I'm learning from the best ;) And yes to F&M if only to take pictures in! #thinklikeablogger

      Get a turkey breast, they're so much easier to prepare and cook. It would easily feed 5 people. If you have a bigger party may I suggest a TURDUCKEN?!!!! (chicken in a duck in a turkey)


  6. When I read your first para, I was reminded of Murphy's Law. A quarter-way you said "In your face, Murphy law". Haha. Quite right. Good riddance Murphy law! Wishing you more of the good days to come, come 2014!

    1. Thank you ChiMei! I hope you have an amazing year of the horse! x

  7. I love your blog! Your photos are very beautiful. This post (& your others) makes me miss London so much

  8. Your rings are all beautiful! Where are the others from? (Apart from the Saint Laurent Arty ring)