La Senza: Hello Sugar featuring The Diva Collection & Instagram contest

November 16, 2013

This blog post is especially for my Malaysian readers and sisters-in-arms, or should I say my bosom buddies. That's not to say that my readers from the rest of the world should feel left out because chances are wherever in the world you're from there's most certainly a La Senza nearby. Boyfriends and husbands, you may want to pay attention---nothing gets you in good graces with your lady love than a thoughtful treat of beautiful, feminine lingerie (of course, it's more of a gift for the men, but don't tell the ladies).

But first, an anecdote.

I asked a dear friend---a beautiful, very slender woman but not particularly, um, well endowed---what she wanted for Christmas. A scented candle? An agate ring? Killer heels? She looked longingly at my bosom and said wistfully "I wouldn't mind having more cleavage," and playfully added "How about a little sumthin' sumthin' from Harley Street?" This wasn't unusual, I know a few friends who are talking about getting cosmetic enhancement for themselves as a Christmas present. Well, I can't quite afford to buy my friends 'upgrades' for Christmas but I suppose I could slip something from La Senza's new collection into their stockings. 

La Senza has released their ultimate push up bra with their new collection, the La Senza Hello Sugar featuring The Diva Collection. 

For their holiday collection La Senza have upped the bling factor with glitzed-out metallic and stone embellishments, as well as the new detachable necklace that can be placed on each and every Hello Sugar bra. Lace textures, shimmering satin, and rich jewel tones of Candy Apple, Black and Bella Pink, Alabaster Frost, Black Fashion, Ultra Teal and Black, Vicious Violet and more provide the perfect backdrop to the high shine and bold embellishment that is the standout feature of this collection. 

The Hello Sugar push up bra promises a boost of up to TWO cup sizes bigger, making this 'The Hottest Holiday Ever'...! 

Ladies, put your phones down, cancel those appointments, you're not going to the doctors'. You're going to La Senza. 

Even their loungewear is glamourous, with sequin shorts, little bralets, and tees with indulgent slogans. I suppose one can't slack off during party season...! Off-duty doesn't have to mean old t-shirt stained with turkey gravy and leggings with holes in them.

The La Senza Malaysia team asked me which my favourite piece was, and I couldn't just pick one. I did try, but in the words of Michiekins 'Semua pun mau' (All also want). I did manage to narrow it down to eight (I tried!) choices, which was a feat. 

Here are my favourites and picks from the La Senza Hello Sugar featuring The Diva Collection...!

  1. Body Suit in Candy Apple RM 139
  2. Barely There in Smoulder Black RM119
  3. Costume bustier RM239 & Costume panty in Smoulder Black RM79
  4. Hello Sugar push-up plunge bra RM169 and Brazilian panty in Candy Apple RM49
  5. Hello Sugar crop bustier RM199 and thong panty in Black Fashion RM69
  6. Bralette in Candy Apple and in Platinum Grey RM79
  7. Costume bra RM109, panty RM79, and garter RM89 in Smoulder Black
  8. Hello Sugar push-up plunge bra RM179, g-string panty RM69, and garter RM79 in In My Dreams Blue
Tee RM79, bralette in Candy Apple RM79, and leggings RM99.

I'm in love with this loungewear set! That tee lists four of my favourite things---lipstick, heels, diamonds, parties are my four food groups. I see myself wearing the whole set the day after Christmas reeling from party fatigue/food coma/immediate Downton Abbey Christmas special withdrawal symptom, sipping from a huge mug of tea and singing badly 'Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?!' My family is so relieved that I'm not going back to K.L for Christmas. Instead I'll send them voice notes of me doing my Lana Del Rey impression.

From November 18th until December 4th, La Senza Malaysia has an exclusive Hello Sugar offer at all La Senza boutiques. Buy 1 Hello Sugar bra and get the 2nd at RM59.  Get the Limited Edition Bling It Sexy Necklace at RM59 with any Hello Sugar bra purchase. 

That prelude of this blog post saying that this is post is of special interest to Malaysians? 

That would be referring to the La Senza #BlingitOn Instagram contest. Rakyat-rakyat sekalian *cheesy Malaysian announcer voice* you can win RM3000 worth of La Senza lingerie just by uploading a single Instagram photo...! Here's how.


Instagram Contest Details:

  1. Duration: Nov 18 - Dec 4 (3 weeks)
  2. Collection Launch: Hello Sugar featuring The Diva Collection & The Hottest Holiday Ever Collection
  3. Prizes: RM1,000 La Senza Gift Voucher. There are 3 Winners, La Senza will select 1 winner each week.
  4. TAKE A PHOTO. Snap a photo of yourself in Bling or your love for all things BLING! It can be accessories, your bling outfits, or style spotting.
  5. TAG IT: Using Instagram, tag your photo's caption with the hashtags #BLINGitON and #LaSenzaMY.
  6. SHARE IT: Before you upload the photo, set your Instagram profile to public to enter the contest!
Some examples of photos you could enter to the #BLINGitON Instagram contest...!

Follow me on Instagram @jasiminne
  1. My outfit for Nuffnang (Malaysia)'s 6th birthday party. House of Eight choker and clutch, and Shoes Shoes Shoes wedges.
  2. Joshua Kane's 1920's themed birthday party.
  3. My most 'blinged-out' shoes yet. Dorothy Perkins (only £35!) and Shoes Shoes Shoes.
  4. The chokers are by Vivienne Westwood and Shoes Shoes Shoes.
  5. My friend is a jeweller for the most fabulous diamond company and this is what he makes on a typical work day. This cuff is about 70 carats of diamonds and worth at least £70 million. He has access to the most incredible stones that would make even Elizabeth Taylor nosebleed and yet when I asked him nicely if I could borrow a few pieces to take some photos for this blog post he said no. Well, actually, he laughed at me and asked 'Sure you can. Anything else, Princess?' I added 'A pony with a gold mane and diamond horse shoes!' before I realised he was being sarcastic. Pffffft. So bad. Dowan fren you. *side eye*
  6. As above.

Malaysians, if (and you really should) you are entering the Instagram contest, best of luck! 

If you can't wait that long for your sexy fix, you can find La Senza atPavilion, KLCC, 1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid, The Gardens, Mid Valley, Empire Shopping Gallery, Setia City Mall, Queensbay Mall (Penang), AEON Ipoh Station 18 and The Spring (Kuching). 

Follow La Senza Malaysia on Facebook for exclusive offers and sneak peeks at their hottest and newest items.

To all my readers all over the world, here's hoping this is your hottest holiday yet.



  1. As a bosom buddy I'd say they are gorgeous but I cannot make myself wear push up anything. I have more than enough as is! I prefer when the chicken fillets are removable so I can still enjoy the pretty design & provide the rest myself!

    1. I used to feel exactly the same way about my, um, embarrassment of riches.
      But I've come to terms that my ample bosom is here to stay and I might as well embrace it, so instead of wearing minimiser bras and slouching to hide it I've gone the opposite route and indulged myself in beautiful lingerie. I find push-ups great for support and my posture! x

  2. I love that you're openly declaring this as an advertorial. So many bloggers don't, it's very refreshing to see that you're maintaining good practise as your blog is becoming more and more popular.

    1. Thank you! I do believe it's important to be transparent. I dislike unethical, lazy people willing to compromise integrity for a bit of cold hard cash. They spoil the market and ruin the industry for everyone else. x

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