How I fell in love with a lady in red.

November 08, 2013
When it comes to handbag related promiscuity I think I fall squarely in the range between bag whore (in the words of Michiekins "Semua pun mau") and fairly committed. I'm neither the fashion victim who buys twelve variations of the It-bag à la mode to stay relevant on Instagram *cough* Celine luggage knock offs from China *cough* (on that note why do so many 'strivers' carry fake designer labels? They're just broadcasting their aspiration, or should I say, desperation to the world) nor am I the practical Parisian who's used the same Birkin all her life. No, when it comes to my baggage I go the rather midway route of buying merely one new piece a season and making it my hero bag. Or in this care, heroine...

Can I set aside my handbag promiscuity long enough to commit myself to this lady in red? Her name is Sofia Coppola, and our eyes met over the counter of Louis Vuitton Champs-Élysées. I think it might be love, she may even be the one. Or at the very least, the one right now...come February it will probably be a different story. But for now, Sofia is perfect. 

Sofia is the perfect shade of red to match and bring out my lipstick du jour, the leather is supple and as soft as butter, and the inside ever so roomy, perfect for a diamond heist ala Ocean's Twelve. Excusez -moi while I go daydream of Vincent Cassel in a white suit, mmm...

As I've said before, my handbag is loaded as though life is full of emergencies...and mine certainly it is. Why watch 'structured reality' TV shows when I can barely keep up with my own life? Life hands me the strangest plots, and an interesting cast does come and go. The only constant is me...and my  perpetual confusion.

The nursery rhyme got it wrong. The old lady didn't live in a shoe, she lived in her handbag.

Mulberry 'Margaret' card wallet / Prada makeup pouch / Prada wallet / Leica D-Lux 5 (titanium limited edition) / Paperchase umbrella and shopping bag / Tom Ford Private Blend 'Champaca Absolute' (for night) / Bodyshop Honey Mania (for day) / Chanel clear face powder / Chanel 'Rouge Allure Velvet' in 38 La Fascinante / my trusty hip flask loaded with scotch for fortitude / Sephora mint breath spray / Clarins 'crème jeunesse des mains' hand and nail cream / Vaseline cocoa butter / name cards / Ikea papershop notepad / iPhone 5, Raybans / H&M 'Love' pouch

These are the new additions, the naughty upstarts shaking up the contents of my handbag. 

I'm in love with Paperchase umbrellas, they're tiny enough to stash in a purse and with such pretty prints. Of course I got a matching shopper, it saved my life when I was in Paris and had so many little shopping bags of pastries to carry.

What else is there to say about Tom Ford's private blends? Just go get one already. Bodyshop Honeymania is so delicious (But I love their Vineyard Peach range more, shame they don't do an eau de toilette). I finally found, in Chanel, a perfect 'day' red lipstick, not nearly as terrifying opaque as Mac's Russian Red but enough to make a statement. If Russian Red is a billboard with blinking lights, then La Fascinante is an old-fashioned shop sign in hand-lettered cursive---elegant and just noticeable enough.

My 'Love' pouch from H&M conceals my unimaginables.

Every season I also treat myself to a new phone case and this winter it's this Swatch beauty.

Random close up of my new favourite ring from Violet Darkling. I procured it for less at their booth at the PPQ private sales evening and I wish I had bought more! Their jewellery is that of nocturnal animals (this one's a lemur but I call it Doris the slow loris) and their rings are ever so delicate and comfortable that I never take Doris off. I forget she's there and then I catch a glimpse of her and smile. How pleasing. 

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