House of Hackney

November 07, 2013

It's that dreadful time of year when the days are short and the sun, if there's any at all, sets at five. How terribly demotivating! Yesterday I missed Zumba because I overslept and woke up at...wait for it...wait for thirty in the afternoon. I know I always say a lady never rises before lunch but even so, this is a bit depressing. I blame the lack of sun, how could my body know it's time to rise if it's as grey outside as it is in the evening...? I can't deal. A holiday to somewhere with a tropical beach needs to happen. Now.

In the meantime my eyes, so deprived of beauty, turn to the nearby and very welcome distraction that is House of Hackney's flagship store on Shoreditch High Street. Certainly, if getting dressed to go to New Bond Street and forget my woes is too much effort, then I'll make do by slipping into a Kigu and sloping down to my high street for a bit of escapism.

Every winter I fall into the same rut---I wake up horribly late and mop around feeling  depressed. The sun, if England is lucky to have any, sets a couple hours later and I immediately feel exhausted despite having only been awake for a short time. I force myself to get some work done, but the studio/workspace is too cold so I move my office into my bedroom where I'll work till dawn, pass out, and wake up at lunchtime to repeat the horrible cycle. In fact, most of my London winters are spent in the relative comfort of my bedroom...and if my bedroom looked anything like House of Hackney's campaign photos above I really wouldn't care. 

I can't quite yet afford to pimp out my bedroom in floor to ceiling, drapes to sheets House of Hackney...but that doesn't stop me from visiting their store and caressing every single fabric until my fingers are tired.

I want and need these creepers in my life so badly. I intend to keep them safe from London rain, and store them in a velvet dustbag until summer is truly upon us. Or I could just wear them during my annual Chinese New Year pilgrimage to Kuala Lumpur.

I made my first House of Hackney purchases just over a month ago. This beautiful teacup is my best friend, I bring her to my lips hundreds of times daily as part of my winter ritual of drinking 10 mugs of tea a day, and this lovely tray...well, I'm waiting to find myself in possession of a doting lover who brings me breakfast in bed, and then it would be most fortuitous that I already have the perfect breakfast tray.

Speaking of fortuitous purchases, HOH are having their seasonal sales. I have my eye on this dress (50% off!) and really am tempted to add everything they make to my shopping list...

I feel better already, just talking about things of beauty. Whoever said money doesn't buy happiness clearly doesn't know where to shop.



  1. Aghhh, I love HoH. Now you made me miss it even more!