Bespoke HQ S/S 14 Preview (or Hope the mini dachshund's party)

November 27, 2013
Yesterday evening Luxy, Nichole, Jimmy, Josh, and I popped down to The Clerkenwell Collection for a preview of Bespoke HQ's S/S 14 collection. What ensued was a medley of whisky tasting, very hot canapes (many of which dropped to the floor and was promptly gobbled up by the resident hoover Hope the dog), serious lust for the Bespoke HQ suits and Bailey Nelson glasses, and oodles of love for Hope. She's a mini dachshund. If regular sized dachshunds are called sausage dogs, then is she a chipolata dog? Food for thought. 

"It feels like one of those nights to dress up like hipsters..." Jimmy, moi , Nichole, et Josh.

Hope and her daddy Stephen Williams who is master tailor at Bespoke HQ and tailor for Aston Martin. With such a stylish dad of course she's dressed to thrill. 

Can you believe she was a rescue dog twice?  Who could give up a darling like her?! She's so sweet, calm, and social. All night she was trotting in and out of the rooms, looking up at guests with those big doleful eyes, and obligingly let everyone pick her up to stroke her, all without kicking a fuss! She just blinked slowly and would try to lick me whenever I kissed her nose.

This blog post is all about Hope because I am in love with her! She's just like my neighbour's mini hotdog, but her personality is the opposite---while Darcy is hyperactive, playfully aggressive, and wriggles out of your arms, Hope is the most docile and patient pup. They should go on doggy dates and maybe their personalities will rub off on each other.

Kyle who wouldn't let me have his glasses, which he didn't need anyway because he has perfect eyesight. Poser!

 you Hope! 

We were invited to sample two blends of Balvenie; the oaky 12 year Doublewood and the much more potent 14 year Carribean Cask which had hints of rum.

The Balvernie rep: "There's 250 litres of scotch in this barrel." 
Me: "Well that'll last me till Christmas then!"

I was seriously in lust with these glasses! My current frames are barely hanging on by a thread and without a friend like Hermoine Granger to 'reparo' my broken glasses I think it is time for a new pair. Sadly the bridge of my nose is too narrow for most glasses and they end up sliding down my nose, these were no exception. I'll just carry on being half-blind, then...

I put these on and immediately felt more intelligent. 

Even Hope got in on the action.

We, the accidental hipsters. Los Angeles vs. London vs. Kuala Lumpur.

Another photo of Hope because I'm obsessed!

Every trunk show/preview/event should have a resident chipolata dog.


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