Seize The Day Bed by Billy Zane

October 11, 2013
With my 'brah' Billy Zane...he's a cool dude.
Yesterday I ticked one thing off my bucket list. 
I met Billy Zane and confessed that whenever I give anyone advice I do a Zoolander and say "Listen to your friend Billy Zane. He's a cool dude." Strictly speaking that line has nothing to do with me giving advice, (it made even less sense when I said it to him) but I like to do it anyway (And this is why I'll never be cool, I'm too lame for the game). It's one of my personal favourite movie scenes. That shiz be i-c-o-n-i-c. 

I never knew he was an artist (and I really should, given that I call myself one) but a collection of paintings and sculpture doesn't lie. The man is an artist. He was pleased that I noticed the juxtaposition of visceral, discomforting anger against the tranquility (hence the exhibition being named 'Seize The Day Bed') which he calls 'urgent relaxation'.
Pictures from the Rook & Raven website.

A video of his working process, I always find process videos and sketches just as interesting as the finished work if not more. After's not just about the destination, it's also about the journey.

Conor, Diana, and Sascha 

With Rook & Raven director Rochelle 

Seize The Day Bed is exhibiting at Rook & Raven, and opens from today till 7th November.

My coat is an old Aqua Couture and my loafers are Charles & Keith, but you can get similar styles from Rick Owens and Steve Madden.

And then I left early (11pm) and went home to do this---

It doesn't matter how drunk, tired, or hungry I am. If there's work to be done it will be done. 
W-w-w-work it harder make it better our work is never over!


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