PPQ Private Sales Evening

October 31, 2013
Yesterday evening I coerced---the soft power of gentle persuasion is the way forward---Diana, Nichole, and Josh to come with to the PPQ Private Sales Evening at The Sanderson. Pre-ordering next season dresses at sample sale prices and trying them on in the comfort of a hotel while under the influence of bubbles, that's the way shopping should be.
Lemon and lime; two of your five a day. Be sure to take a bite. Diana and Nichole doing the 'booty pop' in gowns from PPQ S/S '14 'Atropa Bella-donna'.

I wore my 'Pink Floyd' dress (vintage Dior), my holographic paper bag clutch, and boots not nearly as practical as they looked. Cobblestones are not my friends.

We tried on dresses on the mezzanine, hoping to God that nobody would look up. 

I fell in love with this silk green number...

...as did Nichole, who models it better than I ever could.

Diana loved this yellow beauty (the dress, not me) but not as much, I suspect, as making Rihanna references.

"All I see is $$$ signs...pour it up" she purrs, but blushes when I twerk in her face. What.

I ordered the green dress, which was most fortuitous as I've not had a green evening dress and also because I've recently discovered that it is my lucky colour. My fortune teller will be most pleased. I'm excited to get in, hopefully in time for Chinese New Year. Never mind red, I'll be ushering in the new year wearing green. I will be the most auspicious of them all! Ong bo?!

I also picked up the most adorable ring by Violet Darkling, a delicate thin silver band with a tiny lemur's head. I've been looking for a super slim ring for a while and I love animal heads but am not mad for the more 'typical' motifs of deers, cats, rabbits etc. so this is perfect for me. That, and the animals in the collection are all nocturnal, as I am, so it is a match made in heaven! I am beyond pleased and can't wait to photograph it properly in daylight.

Diana and I rounded off a most fruitful day of shopping with delicious cheeseburgers (the type with soft, buttery, flimsy unseeded buns like Ramly Burger) and parmesan truffle fries (I want more) in Soho. I forgot the name, but it's on Wardour street, practically 30 seconds from Oxford Street. 

Now I'm seriously considering making a peanut butter salted caramel milkshake with butterscotch and caramel bits right before bedtime, to send me into the deepest carb coma...but, it may be better not to if I am to fit into my new sample-size gown...

...and also, Halloween is tonight, and I'll be damned if I'm a bloated sexy something-or-other with costume ears.

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