I Have To Rant But I'll Try To Be Succinct and Eloquent.

October 10, 2013
*UPDATE (11 October 2013)* Source of said rant is now published! Read Week 2 of Audaciously Yours HERE.

Warning; bit of a rant ahead.

My father Whatsapped me yesterday. He'd just bought the latest issue of The Heat and 'Week 2' of Audaciously Yours (I'll publish it on the website tomorrow) was in it. He chided me about how I made a not-very-subtle but beautifully illustrated dig at someone we know. I was going to feign ignorance but this is my father, I have more respect for him than to act dumb, so I just assumed my favourite stance---moralistic high ground---and told him how the 'dig' a) was not about a person but rather a common and pervasive attitude of my contemporaries b) how art is a mirror and c) what you take from it (interpret it) says more about you than the artist, or even the art itselfWhich is all true but I felt a bit like a smug twat using 'art' as an excuse to, well, basically make snide observations about people who make snide observations about me...

...but then again Audaciously Yours is about my life, and on a bigger scale the issues and typicalities of my generation, so if you don't want me to point out what a rude, nasty piece of work you are than don't be a rude, nasty piece of work to me. You can vent on Twitter, talk trash on Facebook, and titter over tea but remember, odds are I have three advantages over you; 1) I can draw damn well2) I can also write damn well and points one and two combined can be rather effective and
3) I have a platform for my expression.

I consider myself an artist. I consider my job to observe and translate my observations in manners both subtle and obvious. Said observations may be considered uncomfortable for some, but such is life, even Tamara Ecclestone that most privileged of heiresses knows that the world is an ugly place and there are ugly people. And my part in it is to present, in comic---sorry, graphic short story---form my take on it.

In other words, if you act exceptionally rude to anyone you can expect them to discuss it. If you behave as such to a writer, a singer, an artist etc. than you can expect them to write, sing, draw about it. Didn't you learn anything from Taylor Swift? Trouble, trouble, oh! :)

Anyway, it's now two in the morning, what most sane people call 'witching hours' but not me, this is when my creative prowess is at it's peak. Maybe I'm a witch. I'm certain my detractors will agree on that. But I'm sure many writers, artists, and night owls will agree that it's easier to work under cover of nightfall when darkness renders everything silent and undistracting. So I've turned my bed into an office, my legs are tucked under two duvets (I'm feeling the chill tonight), a Voluspa candle is flickering away and filling my boudoir with the scent of fig and champagne. It would all be very serene if not for the sounds of my trackpad being clicked and dragged as I colour the latest instalment of Audaciously Yours. Yes, trackpad, stupidly I've left my graphics tablet back in K.L and now I have to do all my digital work with just my middle finger. Insouciance at it's best. My working sounds are punctuated by The Pretty Reckless blaring on Spotify. I'm astounded by how good Jenny Humphrey...pardon, Taylor Momsen is as a singer. I guess 'Little J' is truly dead and buried, with less pomp & circumstance (but as just as much appropriation of lingerie as outerwear) than Hannah Montana.

Colouring and rendering Week 3 of Audaciously Yours, can you guess what I'm 'ranting' about this time?

I should get back to work. I have another issue to rant about in Week 3 of Audaciously Yours. Subscribe to The Heat (digitally or physically) via their website to read Audaciously Yours in it's full, high-resolution, richly detailed glory. Or you can cheat and read a smaller version on the AYX website, which you should anyway because I publish behind-the-scenes and fun things on there.

I love you all. Even the not so nice people who talk trash about me. 
ESPECIALLY the ones who talk trash about me, because you give me such great content for my work.


I should add a disclaimer that my views and opinions are only mine not necessarily those of The Heat. 
They just had the good luck of having a feisty, opinionated contributor who loves flexing her 'freedom of speech' muscles.

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