✥ Ruski's Tavern launch ✥

September 26, 2013
Comrade India and Comrade Jasiminne. (I need a better Russian nickname) 
On Tuesday evening the cool cats (or bears, as you do in Russia) of London descended onto Kensington High Street for the grand launch of Ruski's Tavern. We've all been terribly excited for Antoin and Diego's new baby for a long time, given all the tantalising sneak peeks on social media and glowing reviews. And now it's finally come to fruition! 

"Expect to eat like a tsar and drink like a comrade, with caviar club sandwiches, black bread and smoked salmon, and steak tartare. Drinking vessels are Matryoshka dolls and tea urns, whilst caviar and vodka flights are the shots du jour." say Urban JunkiesHow promising for lovers of all things kitsch and Russian...! No depressing nihilism, torturous existential winters, or arriviste vulgarity here. Just unabashed fun, delightfully self-aware, highly themed kitsch. Which is very much the way I like to live. 

Congratulations Antoin, congratulations Diego!  I commented about the outpouring of congratulations that night---"It feels less like a launch and more like Antoin and Diego's wedding!" 

I was Russian (rushin') to get ready because Miss Lux texted to warn me about the terrifyingly long queue. Happily I had nothing so mundane to worry about, the 'door curator' plucked me out of the queue and steered me inside.
I was ballin' like a Bolshevik in an Hervé Léger dress worn as a top, a vintage skirt, Chanel 2.55Ted Baker heelsHouse of Eight choker, vintage belt, and my Russian hat from Piccadilly Antiques Market at St James's Church. I did think the choker overkill but then again nothing succeeds like excess. Especially in Russia.

With comrade Damo and his fierce shoes. Leopard print is for only the bravest of men.
I'd like to clarify that it's an e-cigarette, not a real one, that I'm holding and it's not even mine.
I've quit smoking (even electronics) and for that I am glad!
Naturally my hat was a hit, all night people were borrowing it to pose in.

The first head it made its acquaintance with was a real Ruski's...
...whom I may or may not have annoyed by parroting "Hahaha you're a Ruski at Ruski's!". About twenty times. In as many minutes. I am so lame. Soooo sorry, Artem. IN SOVIET RUSSIA JOKE TELL YOU.
I finally met Catherine Lux in person! Happy days! It's so nice to hang out with someone who 'gets' your relentless photo-taking and scene-staging. Bloggers do it better.
Damian looking hilariously demure...too cute for words...!
What are you looking at, Damo...? *raises eyebrow* 
HK looking like a rabbit in Russian headlights.
Cocktails in mugs make a debauched night out seem almost homely and wholesome. Almost.
Baby G and moody Barnsey. Let's turn that frown upside down!
Diego and the boys were all smiles...
...even Antoin, who rarely displays anything as common as emotion. This is his happy face, I swear.
I'm no fan of vodka, but I'll never say no to champagne. Especially when it emerges from inside a Matryoshka doll...! Which very quickly replaced my hat as the accessory a la mode. 
After a few hours of catching up with friends and acquaintances (as well as making new friends!), looking for James Middleton's famed Ruski cupcakes (I left early and didn't get any *sad face*) and taking delicate sips from innocent looking brew mugs (which turned out to be laden with deceptively sweet but oh-so-potent liqueurs. Stick to champagne) and flirting with very unsuitable rogues I made a London exit and left at midnight. A London exit is when you sneak off without saying bye to save yourself time and being pulled back into the party, instead letting your social media updates alert your friends to your whereabouts.

I slinked back home and had my version of the introvert's ultimate after party...
...fried eggs, sausages, and watching that evening's episode of Great British Bake Off. 
Please explain why Ruby was made star baker AGAIN!?

На здоровье! 



  1. Ahh brilliant, love the photos! *stealing*

    So great to finally meet you after months of reading your blog and having all these mutual friends between us!! See you soooon :)

    C x

  2. Amazing!! Clearly i wanted to be tucked up in bed with my baby moon beam #SLEEPYBUNNY

    Moody Barnsey xxxx

    1. Awww Barnsey baby next time we'll pile into a cuddle puddle! xx

  3. I think you're missing some furs! and *Russian* smokes. I blogged about them today and it made me think of this post of yours. Hence my return!

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Love the name of your website! Great pics too, looking glam!