September 27, 2013
Another evening, another launch party for another club/bar in Mayfair. Yesterday it was No.41 at 41 Conduit Street (The Westbury Hotel). There's another launch party this evening, with an open guest list, if you missed out on yesterday.

What was supposed to be an exciting adventure involving Barnsey, India, and I doing a Mayfair-Kensington crawl from No.41 to Cirque to Ruski's ended up with Barnsey decamping to Le Baron at midnight, and me running away to go home and sleep. India stayed home as far as I knew (I was in bed by midnight). I blame the very potent cocktails for making me sleepy; that and two glasses of champagne in as many minutes (I was helping Barnsey drink hers because I'm such a good friend).

Barnsey had a Blurred Lines (mint, passion fruit, lime, crushed with Zubrowka Bison Grass vodka and Krupnik Honey vodka) and a Sling (fresh grated ginger, lime juice, and Russian Standard vodka topped with ginger ale).

I had two glasses of Moet, Mojito Royal (rum, fresh mint, and more Moet), and a Cache (fresh strawberries, cassis, lychee and Moet & Chandon champagne). I loved the Cache, it tasted like strawberries and cream.


Just before the drinks got to me. Still somewhat upright.

...and right after I got very, very tipsy. My Malaysian brother from another mother Robert felt the same way, apparently. 
Just look at our sleepy eyes! Asians can't drink.

Barnsey is formidable, nothing can topple her. She is a force of nature, a mountain of strength and shiny blonde hair.

Thank you Emmanuel for the invites 

These pictures made me realise what a ridiculous non-colour my hair is. What do you call that shade, 'The Dregs'? 
Time to dye it back to black. Or something. Anything.



  1. That first picture took me by surprise. It's like the light is beheading the guy sat all on he ownsome! Quite creepy! Those cocktails look delish though.
    Becs x

    1. The cocktails were SO GOOD, especially the cache! Like drinking an alcoholic strawberries and cream sweet. x

  2. My fav kinda bar. Soft seats to sink into, pleasant background music {hopefully?} and good cocktails!

    1. I don't remember the music, but the cocktails were delightful, the seats were reasonably comfortable, and the huge mirrors and paintings are just my kind of deliciously tacky! x

    2. The only bar i really went to continually while in the UK was Sofitel's own. I guess partially because it was nearby. and I knew the staff so well, I didn't really need to say a word to get the drink I wanted. ha!
      I've also been to Sketch but found it a bit... scattered and loud.

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