London Fashion Week SS14: PPQ Party

September 15, 2013

My favourite photo from the night, the beautiful Shingai Shoniwa of The Noisettes being quite literal as she sang Singing In The Rain in the rain. I love how the raindrops illuminated by the camera flashes form a halo around her. Perhaps not 'halo'...more like a sprinkling of stars?

Fashion Week started on Friday (Incidentally, London Design Festival started yesterday but that's a story for another time). As uninvolved as I am with fashion---I am a person who considers Kigus with matching slippers the height of style---I actually do enjoy LFW as an impartial observer. London is, if only for a week, flooded with a saturation of extraordinarily elegant men and women, outlandishly dressed ensembles seem to be held together by a glue gun and staples, displays of expensive clothes that rivals only the show of creativity and styling...certainly it's interesting for the eyes even if one doesn't 'get' fashion, unless of course one is opposed to and terrified of trends. I imagine the Dowager Countess of Grantham would have a fit if she passed by Somerset House. "What is a street style blog?!"

I acknowledged the first day of LFW SS14 with, of course, PPQ's after show party at The Sanderson. One can count on most of one's friends and acquaintances to be at the PPQ party. It's quite quintessentially 'London', I think. 600 bottles of Perrier Jouet were supplied (but 20 remain unopened, none of which The Sanderson would let me take home), the champagne flowed all night (as my flushed face would testify) although the sweetly delicious lychee martinis were not as abundant. 

I wore an Asos dress with the most beautiful toile de jouy print (but sadly the dress just couldn't contain my womanly assets, clearly strapless dresses aren't for me unless they feature some sort of award-winning engineering),  Ted Baker stilettos so comfortable my feet only started to hurt after 5 hours, Too Cool For School lipstick (birthday present from Nana), my trusty YSL Belle De Jour clutch, and my Karen Millen raincoat the belt of which I stupidly and drunkenly lost at The Box later that night. *silently screams*

I looked great right before I left the house (left) but by the time I got to the party (right) my hair lost most of its curl and my cleavage began to make bids for freedom. Why does everything I wear let me down?! So much fail.

Benjamin and Percy. Reunited and it feels so good.

India and Dan Brown, who did not write The Da Vinci Code. 
But who did duck with me as we mistook the same man for one of our ex-boyfriends. What are the odds?

India and I making a very poor attempt at being 'fake bicurious'. Clearly neither of us knows what we're doing, we're better at hoarding props in our purses than pretending to kiss for male attention.

The ever flawless couple, beautiful Olivia and Diego. Am blinded by his perfect white teeth.

Nicco where have you been the past year?! Please reactivate your Facebook.

Vladimir feeling very pink.

Antoin looking dapper, as always. Does he ever have an off-day? 
I forgot his lovely friend's name because I have a memory like a goldfish. A drunk goldfish.

Me and Percy who's very relieved to have his life back now that this season's show is done and dusted with. 

India and I swapped shoes, and the result is jarring, to say the least.

I love all the different little things going on here! Vladimir's kawaii wink is too cute, haha!

We carried on at The Box where I found the strangest (but not unexpected) thing in the toilets, a bored-looking eunuch spongebathed and pretended to fellate his equally disinterest naked mistress to the tune of Venus In Furs, I lost my coat's belt, and apparently the party was happening in the ladies' bathroom. A bunch of people moved on to Le Baron where it flooded, people were slushing around ankle deep in water without noticing. How can you not...?!

Percy and I agree the only fashion afterparty there is involves a certain dwarf hamster.

Percy at the mercy (that rhymes!) of Coolio. It's London Fashion Squeak!

Instead of Things The Same Size As Coolio, I should dress him up in outfits and hashtag #LondonFashionSqueak! Yes!



  1. What a fun Sunday read; who needs Tatler? - I'm relying on this blog until the next season of Made in Chelsea comes around ;-)

    1. Hahaha, don't forget me and my blog when your TV shows air! xx

  2. you look smoking and adorable at the same time, and your description of change between home and the event made me LOL. It didn't let you down, trust me! :)

    1. Hahaha thank you, but you weren't there, you didn't see me pulling my dress up over my bosom all night! I'm glad you were spared the indignified display! x

    2. as an {annoyed} owner of a large ...erm, display, myself I know the feeling!
      If not too personal and painful to ask {given you lost it behind), your coat! I always wanted a KM one but never had the chance to try them on (I am not in the UK very often). So yet again; if not too personal to ask, what size KM coat do you wear? I usually have a problem when buying clothing because I gotta go a size up thanks to the mentioned display.

    3. Coats are tricky for the busty lady, aren't they?! My waist is UK8-10, hips UK10, bust's a nightmare.

      I usually get a size 10 for Karen Millen, it's roomy enough even if I'm wearing layers underneath.

      Of course I can't quite button the bust area, but the again when I wear coats I tend to leave the bust unbuttoned to show off my layers and scarves.

      Be sure to try on the coat in person so you have a better idea of how to work with the fit!

    4. Yeah I know what you mean, haha. Although I try go a size up for the winter as I'd rather button up and belt it down, I do like the idea of leaving the top undone with perhaps macs. hmmm, now I gotta go find some nice scarves ;)
      I will defo try KM in store next time I'm visiting.

      Thanks for your replies though! XOX

  3. Ahh so jealous, party looks amazing and you look gorgeous! I love The Box so much, such a fun place. Are you going to the Ruskis' launch on 24th?

    C x

    1. Yes I am! Also, I think you pocket-called me yesterday evening! x

    2. YAY! See you there :) What time are you gonna arrive?

      Uh oh, awkward, haha. Just checked, defo called. To say I was slightly drunk that night would be a major understatement.

      C x

  4. Bahaha! Love that you swiped the glasses, they are beaut though! Xx