London Fashion Week SS14: Linda Farrow party

September 17, 2013
Last Sunday Le Baron hosted the Linda Farrow London Fashion Week party.
And when Tracy Sedino (the lovely lady behind Linda Farrow) throws a party, everyone shows up. You just don't say no.

Asian Invasion...! Moi et Tracy, fellow red lipstick enthusiast. I put on what I thought was a red Chanel lipstick since it was her party, but it turned out to be pink...I guess I need to fix the lighting in my bathroom. 

I still refer to the place as Scotch, just like I still refer to the downstairs at Embassy as Le Baron (when in fact it's Salon...or is it still? My memory can't keep up). Terribly confusing for taxi drivers---but not mine, my Uber driver Darren was spectacular, not least for filling his car's side drawer with hundreds of sweets---and I resolutely hold on to happy memories of Scotch before they had to move on thanks to council complaints, so to me the place will always be Scotch. 

Nikita and Josh who very kindly descended from his cloud of fabulosity to join the human race.

Sailor Neptune India, Becca, & N.

Jimmy Q having a quiet evening after a day's work of being professionally good-looking. 
But still very much living #TheLifeOfJimmyQ. Look it up on Instagram.

What is going on here I can't even.
Throughout the night Barnsey's lovely face was dominated and hidden behind her curtain of luscious blonde elf-locks. 
"Legolas! What do your elf eyes see?" Barnsey: "They're taking the party to Isengard!"

We evaded the crushing crowds of Le Baron and snuck through a tiny door into what we knew to be the secret room. Oh I have such fond memories of that room back when the place was still called Scotch. More than a few people I know could very well bring up the private room at Scotch when they explain "How I Met Your Mother".

As though to drive home the fact that Le Baron is very much here to stay, the infamous giant Mickey was wheeled out. 
Puerile posing and phallic puns ensued.

Hahahaha I can't get over how he was demurely holding Mickey's hand all night. As though on a date with a girl who's father was ten steps behind making sure he wouldn't try anything too naughty. I think this was my second favourite moment of the evening.

My absolute favourite moment of the evening was when India whipped out a bag of Starmix, and right on cue, the DJ played Candy Shop.
Why is it so hard to find Haribo Cola (especially the non-fizzy variety) in London supermarkets these days?!! 
And why don't we get the melocoton (peach) Haribos like they do in Spain? 
If anyone from Haribo reads this blog please email me, I need answers (and melocoton Haribos).

Yvan the Facespunker Facehunter being typically insouciant and potty-mouthed. 

What I call the 'London shuffle', slouch forward punching the ground, shuffling your feet and shaking your hair side to side. 
Works best for those with long hair. Like so---

What I wore that night---

Yet another ASOS dress with crazy print, Marc Jacobs clutch, Ted Baker heels, and no coat this time. 
I'm still traumatised about losing my new KM coat's belt. Which reminds me, I need to make a phone call to The Box...



  1. Beautiful dress AND shoes. And here you are, going around saying heels don't agree with your feet! you either sat around a lot or there's more to the story! hehehe.

    Hope you'll find your belt.

    Btw, your daily photos inspired me to try again (trust me I've tried lots) at blogging about nothing in particular. Thanks for that. :)

    1. The TB heels are the most comfortable pair I have! I only had to sit down once every hour.
      Thanks for reminding me to call The Box, I keep meaning to do it but get distracted.
      Good luck with the blogging, I'd love to see it!

    2. Are TB shoes true to size (fit)? Cannot say I've tried any on.

      thanks for good luck wishes, maybe for once i'll stick with it ;). Not much to see for now and I went for photos only.

    3. The ones I have are a wide fit, and feel about half a size up, so I wear them with insoles! Not sure about the other TB shoes though.

    4. Haha, aww! Since getting the bag all my others look and feel... redundant.

      You know I am also allergic? But I love cats too much to worry about it. Yes I get itchy eyes and sneezes (and keep eye drops and nose spray by my bed) but as time went by, I think my body adapted pretty well. If you love fluffy kitties you could always consider giving a Russian blue a home!! They are the only hypoallergenic breed (it's never in the fur, it's the cat saliva that causes it!)
      I don't think a kitty would go well with your current pet though! :)

      Thanks so much for visiting!

      Amber (slightly renamed