DIY! 'F*ck/Sleep' and 'Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right' Pillows

September 05, 2013

Quite a few people have expressed interest and curiosity about the Kiki De Montparnasse 'Fuck/Sleep' pillows I DIY-ed.
I didn't take any photos of the process---well I kind of did, but just one on Instagram which is hardly helpful---and although that ship has sailed I thought I would do something similar in the hopes that someone will find my process both instructive and inspiring.

Let it be down that we have Michiekins to thank for this 'tutorial' of sorts---she very cheekily suggested I make her some hand lettered pillows. I jumped at the chance because I'm collecting 'BFF points' which I will redeem in the future, probably all at once when planning for my wedding someday. Mich, I hope you enjoy these pillows and find that they're worth all the future Bridezilla torture I have planned for you.

Given that she recently got married, and that Sheena is getting married soon and now I have serious wedding fever, I thought it apt that I do a version of the ever-popular 'Mr Right and Mrs Always Right' motifs that you see on Pinterest, Tumblr, and shops catered to 'quirky-faux-hipster-but actually smug middle-class tastemakers who want to be 'different'. Oh wait...that makes me. And most of my friends. #Bourgeois4LYF

To make your own 'F*ck/Sleep' or 'Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right' pillows, you'll need:

(they're hosted on Google Drive, you *may* need a Google account)
A visit to the printers (or an A2 printer, if you're lucky enough to have one at home)
Pair of cotton pillowcases,
A steady hand.

1. Download the files you want and open them in Preview for Mac. 

I don't know what the PC equivalent is and frankly I don't care to know, I tried to use my dad's PC once and nearly had a nuclear meltdown.

2. Print at A2. In the printing options, change the orientation to landscape (horizontal) and scale to fit. I refused to fork out £20 for two A2 pieces of paper that would end up discarded, so I printed the words on my home printer and taped them together.

3. Slip the printed sheets right under the surface of the pillow you're going to draw. I slip it inside the pillow itself. This will act as a guide for tracing, unless of course you're a typography expert and don't need anything as amateur as a tracing guide in which case why the heck are you reading this shambles of a tutorial?

4. If you have a lightbox, even better, and can I please move in with you?

5. Rearrange the words until you're happy with where you want them to go on the pillow. 
Hold them down with a paperweight, they're more slippery than gold diggers trying to avoid sexytimes with their old-enough-to-be-their father 'boyfriend'.

6. Trace the outlines. Slowly, carefully! This isn't a race.
If you slip up, just improvise like I did and draw over it. 
Half of the time I 'free styled' my hand-lettering to hide small mistakes.

7. Fill in the outlines until you're happy with the opacity. Or don't. 
Maybe you like a more 'x-ray' look for your typography.

8. When the ink is dry, iron over the pillows to 'seal' in the words and stop them from running. 
Fabric Sharpies shouldn't run even when washed, but better to be doubly sure. 

9. Admire your handiwork, pat yourself on the back, Instagram it, and tell everyone what an enterprising artist you are (non-negotiable).

10. Optional; wrap up your handiwork with a pretty ribbon and post to your lucky recipients. 

Et voila!

If anyone---I mean my close friends, if I don't know you please don't be bl**dy buay-paiseh (unabashed, shameless, not-shy)---wants a hand lettered pillow please direct your queries to

Not a real email address, by the way. You all know how to get in touch with me.

Ps. The typeface I used for 'Mr. & Mrs. Right' is Some Weatz Swashes (downloaded).
The 'F*ck/Sleep' typeface is Edwardian Script ITC (which comes with most Macs).




  2. You are so talented. I swear I think your brain is rainbow coloured or something. Love your blog. Silent reader haha. x -Suchitra-

  3. What size font did you use for the Fuck & Sleep