'Audaciously Yours' debuts in the first issue of The Heat, Malaysia!

September 06, 2013
Your lovely, clever, astute self may have picked up on the many hints on my blog and on my Instagram  that I've been working on a comic, sorry, graphic short story. Finally, after keeping mum for what feels like yeaaaaars (really only a few months) what I've been working on! 

Today my monthly graphic short story Audaciously Yours makes it debut in the first issue of The Heat, Malaysia!

Centrespread, no less! Look for it in Heat+, the lifestyle section!

Front cover of the first issue of The Heat.

I'm too excited to think coherently let alone properly type out a blog post. I'll come back to it when I've taken it all in.

Until then, if you're in Malaysia please pick up a copy of The Heat newspaper!

You can subscribe to the digital version on their website here.

For overseas readers, Audaciously Yours will be available to read on my new website (launching on Monday).
Along with behind the scenes and features/background stories that I hope you'll find interesting.

Be right back, my brain needs to cool down.


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  1. Congrats! You are a really good artist!
    Becs x

  2. I love your sketches... and then this random question popped into my head.. Have you ever considered or perhaps already did a comical sketch/cartoon of yourself? in any situation? :-)

    1. Audaciously Yours is about my life, and I'm the star of the story. That may sound self-absorded and narcissistic but I'm a Leo and I love my horoscope stereotypes so I find it very fitting! So yes, every month cartoons detailing me and my life in Malaysia are published nationwide! x