♡♡♡ Proposal At Tiffany's---David & Sheena ♡♡♡

August 19, 2013
Sheena! David! 此 blog post 是给你们俩的! Don't say I never do anything for you.

After eight years of paktor-ing, David and Sheena are finally engaged!

Photo from Musadek's camera, edited by me

Last Friday, the evening before Golek-Unit International High School, David surprised Sheena by proposing to her in Tiffany's, witnessed by ten (eleven?) of her closest friends and family. Months of carefully laid plans, devious subterfuge, and dangerous close shaves finally came to fruition when, with watery eyes, she trembled and said "Yes! I do!" 

The proposal took place on the second floor of the newly-renovated Tiffany & Co. in KLCC. The idea was that David and his party would hide upstairs on the second floor, and Michiekins would subtly direct Sheena into Tiffany's from the first floor, up the beautiful staircase, through the first room and then into the antechamber where David would be waiting, ring in hand...

...and also with flowers, balloons, and a whole bag of nerves.

Let it be known that despite David's insisting that we wouldn't make it on time if we stopped to buy balloons, I put my foot down (literally, on the pedal and right through the floor of my car) and dashed to Pavillion to pick these beauties. Men, take note! Things like balloons may not matter to you, but small details do not go unnoticed by women.

Having a small army of loyal and supportive friends standing behind you as you ask the love of your life to marry you does make the whole thing a bit more comforting, but no less daunting, I imagine.

This has been a very, very, long time coming!

This is how it all transpired.

Sheena was expecting a proposal by July. July came and went, but no proposal was in sight. Every other day she'd glare at the back of David's head and get annoyed at the sight of a diamond ring. Mere minutes before the surprise proposal, she defiantly thought to herself "He won't propose to me? Well, I won't wear a bra under my dress!" and strutted, braless, through KLCC like she owned the place, or so I heard. David wanted the proposal to happen on the evening of our birthday party itself, but I suggested moving it to the evening before so that they could have the night to take it all in. By the next evening, when the shock had worn off, they would be well-placed to bask in congratulations when our friends arrived at our party. I was very sneaky about it and booked the penthouse for two nights instead of just the night, saying that I needed time to set up for the party. As if, I have staff for that.

More lies we fed her to throw her off the scent---

Michiekins told Sheena we were going to Troika for Nana's birthday dinner and that Sheena would have to doll up, and buy a new dress and shoes because "Nana and her friends are Gen Z! They're going to be taking pictures for their blogs all night! You don't want to look bad all over social media!"

Me to Sheena, about why I wasn't going with them to KLCC---"I have to take delivery of the balloons, cake, and glassware for tomorrow's party. I asked them to set up tomorrow but the Sultan is checking out then and he needs all the staff for him and his four wives." (The checking out and four wives bit is a lie, the Sultan staying in my usual suite is truth)

About the proposal "It'll probably happen in the morning, on a weekday!" "The ring won't be ready for another month." "David let slip that it's happening next year!"

Long story short; Michiekins took Sheena out to KLCC to prep for 'Nana's birthday dinner' while we (Marcus, Leon, Cavin, David, and I) sped across town to buy balloons to surprise her with. We then had to somehow cross KLCC, unseen, into Tiffany's where the rest of our party were waiting, hidden, with cameras ready.

Tiffany's were so obliging, the entire staff were in on it, they prepared a bouquet of roses and even had special signals to let us know as Sheena and Michiekins approached! It was to subtly adjust a vase of flowers, which the sales assistant may have done just a little too vigourously. Luckily Sheena was too downcast to notice. She walked in staring resentfully at the diamond rings and didn't even notice David until she turned around to leave...

LOL at Michelle taking Sheena's shopping bag from her so she would have both hands free. Good, Coolie-kins!

And then she stopped, saw him standing there with all us behind him, and her jaw dropped.

The first thing she said was "Oh my GOD."

The second thing she said was "MICHELLE! YOU LIAR!" Hahaha!

Throughout Sheena's stream of non-stop "Oh my God!"s, David got down on one knee and said,

"Baby, I'm sure you know I've had many sleepless nights about this day. But, I love you, and you love me, so let's take the plunge. Will you marry me?"

Sheena half-whimpered, half-screamed---

"OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! *nods head vigorously* *happy squeak* Yes! OH MY GOD!"


What am I happiest about (apart from two people made for each other making it official)? 
That I can finally publish this masterpiece I made on Photoshop, with Sheena, Michiekins', and my faces---

He did!



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