Royal Ascot

June 25, 2013
On Saturday I finally broke 'The Ascot Curse', said curse being that for the past 6 years since I've moved to England I've never quite made it to Royal Ascot for the races. Something always happens, it's like the universe is conspiring against me....or maybe it's as simple as 'scheduling problems'. I prefer to think of it as a curse, a little touch of melodrama never hurt anyone, and if not a melodrama Royal Ascot is really a pantomime of show ponies dressed to the nines. Oh, and there are horses too. 

It was the last day of Royal Ascot and I broke the curse wearing a McQueen dress (one of the many gems I found in Ashley's shop), my Louis Vuitton Alma, LK Bennett wedges, Zara blazer and the only hat I could find that didn't make my head look like a television satellite dish.

Lottie and I eschewed the glossy, crowded boxes to get up close and personal with the horses and perhaps a better glimpse of the Queen's carriage.

L looking pretty in pink.

The Royal Enclosure is the perfect place for people-watching. The women of course are mostly beautifully dressed, some unfortunately too extravagantly so...eventually one is fatigued by the muchness of it, I myself prefer to look at the men. It's a contradiction; on one hand menwear has less variety and options than womenswear but on the other hand that kind of lack of choice is what makes it interesting, and I find the uniformity of it rather pleasing... in suits and top hats (cane optional, but always a plus) will find that dressed so, it is almost impossible to look unattractive.

I'm certainly biased but I swear that the saturation of male suaveness and handsomeness was so much that I wanted to swoon. Men, please always dress like you're going to the races, womenkind will thank you for it.

Even more so than morning coats I LOVE when people wear national dress or military uniforms!

Perhaps next year a Shanghai Tang cheongsam is in order? 

I admire this young lady's commitment to attending Ascot, despite injury... I do the racegoers despite the rain.

Although not all the brollies were as sharp as the suits.

Oh, there are horses too for those who like that sort of thing....

Her Majesty The Queen floated past in her carriage to thunderous roars of approval...

Pardon my poor shot, hence the next two photos lovingly pinched from the web.

It's quite tricky to see past a sea of hats. Nevertheless the electric atmosphere and excitement in the air (and of course a good imagination) does wonders for the mind's eye.

That day, I ticked off my bucket list the very thing I itched to do ever since I watched Eliza Doolittle's gaff in My Fair Lady. I'll leave you with this video to imagine what transpired, as the horses thundered past.

The Ascot curse broken, I travelled 4 hours away to Houghton Hall in Norfolk for a little countryside party. More to come.


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