Working Hard or Hardly Working?

May 02, 2013
I can hardly blame you for thinking that it's the latter, after all Shoreditch House on a hot and sunny London day can prove distracting. 

Least of all for the sight of dozens of hipsters (or at least their more affluent counterparts) adamantly resisting any physical strain on their part, instead stretching out their coloured-socked feet, and airing their plaid shirts and ambiguous sexual orientation to bask in the sun. 

The active man is a lonely one.

I celebrated a gloriously hot and beautiful day as I typically do. By moving my computer closer to the pool. And keeping my clothes on.

If only out of polite consideration for my fellow pool-goers, to spare them what I'm certain would be the blindingly bright reflection of the sun bouncing off my winter-pale flesh. When I swim my nickname is iceberg...because I'm big, I'm white, and I float.

In hindsight, working from Shoreditch House is far less distracting and much more comfortable when you're not lying on a deck chair by a big bowl of chlorine. If you want to get any work done, move downstairs. Or compromise, settle for a cocktail and pizza in the rooftop cafe slash bar.

I brought my Macbook, my freshly drafted layouts, and sketches to work on. Voulez-vous like to know what really needs working on? That awful chocolate stain on my Anya Hindmarch tote, just to the left of the Earl's head. Lesson learnt; never eat drippy chocolate donuts with your handbag on your lap while David Khoo Hsu Yang is driving.

Mason jars everywhere. Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in a Pinterest board.

A typically hard day at the office.

The chilli and passionfruit cocktail that razed my tongue to cinders. Note to self; stick to Diet Coke during working hours.

What I'm working on at the moment. All updates to be found on Facebook and on my illustration blog.

Shoreditch House, the modern (wo)man's summer office.


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