Sunday Best: Pastels at The Ivy

May 19, 2013

definition of SUNDAY BEST:
 Clothing suitable for churchgoing; esp : one's best clothing worn on Sundays and for special occasions 
[scrubbed behind the ears and with Eton collar and bow ie proclaiming this was Sunday best — K.D.Miller]

Apart from poncing around at the gym and working at the library I have literally not left le apartment all week. Chained to the desk by the heaviest of shackles: work. To elaborate; that's work, relentless perfectionism, and a great love for what I do. Drawing for 10-12 hours a day and eating my way through bags of candy, 6 days a's really not a bad life.

Took a break from the ''sweets and soda' diet and dragged myself to The Ivy for a much more wholesome lunch than Diet Coke and Tesco 3 for £1 fizzy cola bottles.

Pastel outfit of the day:
Mango mint green skinnies / ASOS kicks / YSL Belle De Jour clutch / blazer and hairband from Bangkok

I ate my way through tuna sashimi with avocado, tortellini, griddled squid & pantigrata salad,  Bengali fish curry, and crispy pork belly. If 'you are what you eat' , then I'm in trouble...我的眼睛比我的胃宽 haha.

At lunch, I had a chat with the lovely man sitting across me who told me he'd just flew in from New York suffering from I popped open my pill purse and gave him something to help him sleep. Only when I got home and H told me who he was did I realise that I gave a valium to the writer of Men Who Stare At Goats. I am not worthy! *scrambles to kiss the ground*


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