Mercedes-Benz Stylo Fashion Grand Prix: Opening Night

March 19, 2013
The best thing about a new home is throwing a huge party before you move in. That way there's no shiny new furniture for your guests to feel so precious around that they can't just have fun. That's what the newly opened Aloft K.L Sentral did when last Sunday they played host to Mercedes-Benz Stylo Fashion Grand Prix. Of course I wanted to check it out, as anyone who buys extra virgin olive oil would say "It's first pressing. Or do you want to wait til everyone else has had their fun with the olives?"

The grand opening of Mercedes-Benz Stylo Fashion Grand Prix K.L themed 'Mannequin Fantasies' launched Asian Fashion Week and green initiative The Rainforest Fashion Initiative on the same night.

Black, red, & white; my racing colours.

BCBG Max Aria // CHANEL // ShoesShoesShoes 

Stylo; Malaysian slang for style and a play on words (letters?). The 'O' in Stylo represents how fashion evolves in a circle. Stylo International was set up to create fringe events to support world class motorsport activities in the region. Just as affluent women covert couture, motorsports have seen a tremendous jump in Asia as the sport of choice for affluent men. A stylish sister activity to complement motorsports, if you will. 

Not that I don't sometimes enjoy confirming to gender roles (by choice and by self-awareness of course!) but being somewhat tomboyish by nature I think I'd chose fast cars & gadgets over high fashion & expensive clothes. Once a geek, always a geek.

I loved the details on these pieces...

...the embroidery on this gown is very traditional Malay meets McQueen, and the scifi-esque shapes on the jacket below makes me think of Gareth Pugh, sea-urchins, and spaceships. Don't quite know how I made that nonsensical correlation, but now we know why I'm not cut out for fashion.

With Leng Yein and Michiekins.

Claudia, my former colleague at Harper's Bazaar Malaysia.

The ribbon cutting ceremony led by Minister of Tourism YB Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen, Dato' Professor Jimmy Choo (who later introduced himself to me and shook my hand...I am not worthy!), Dato' Nancy Yeoh, and their partners including Mercedes-Benz & Asia Fashion Inc.

Dato' Jimmy Choo presenting YB Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen the Mercedes-Benz Stylo Fashion Lifetime Achivement for her contributions to the country's fashion industry. According to CNN Malaysia is the world's 4th best destination for shopping...we lost out on the criteria of public transport (ha!) but won top marks in value for money (agree).

The pieces from the show that I liked---

Loved this black gown from S Nine (Hong Kong).

My dream brolly.

Amir Luqman modelling the first look from his own collection, looking fierce and walking in stilettoes more gracefully than I could ever dream of doing.

The showcase of Edric Ong and Jendela KL for the Rainforest Initiative---

Body paint is not a look I'll be rocking anytime soon, but I enjoyed the novelty of selling swimwear with this gimmick. As an artist I appreciated the time and painstaking effort dedicated to the painting, as well as the wow factor. 

Keeping the finished product under wraps.

The after party room at the Grand Ballroom, inspired by 'Truman Show' and redecorated as a make believe Stylo Doll House...

...complete with dolls, and mannequins both plastic & flesh.

Highlight of the night; catching up with Nadine, one of my besties in high school. 

I'm down with a cold and swamped with work right now, so I'll only be making it to Stylo Fashion Grand Prix on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. My absence is no great loss to the fashion industry, I'm sure. Stylo on, lovelies.



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