Magnum Chocolatier Collection by Jovian Mandagie

March 08, 2013
I'm having a bit of a chocolate hangover. Yesterday I spent a very pleasurable evening at the Westin Hotel where Magnum unveiled the  Magnum Chocolatier Collection by Jovian Mandagie; a fashion show coated in Belgian chocolate and inspired by Magnum's two new flavours---chocolate brownie and chocolate strawberry. I invited Michiekins and Nana to join me in the front row; Michiekins because she's my bestie and a fashion lover, Nana because she's a fellow Leo and we bond over tormenting Aquariuses (guess who).

Most of the photos here are from Michiekin's camera because I foolishly left my Leica at home and tried a new camera for the first time, which I didn't know how to use properly. Thank you Pin-pin!

I wanted to wear sometime vaguely chocolaty for the event, but my wardrobe was decidedly lacking in earthy tones so I raided mummy's and came out looking like this---

Roberto Cavalli // Louis Vuitton // Hermes

We arrived at the Westin hotel grand ballroom and as per usual were greeted by event photographers and paps. By now we're on such good terms with them, that we shamelessly hand our cameras over to the more laid back ones and ask them to help photograph us. Only in K.L...

Right after, NTV7 posed us questions and filmed our answers for Bella TV---"Would you rather date a balding man or a man with grey hair?" No brainer! Grey hair. I loooove grey hair. Salt & pepper, all grey, grey sideburns...50 Shades of Grey Hair.  

Having appeased the media, we hunted down Selina, thanked her for having us and told her how much we looked forward to the show. I love Selina's events, you can always count on them to have lots of beautifully presented food & drink---essentials for keeping spirits high and the mood lively! We didn't bother her for a photo because she was busy before, during, and after the event. Thank you Selina!

 We got down to the business of posing...

...with giant Magnum ice-creams of course...

...and trying out the new Magnum ice-cream flavours. They were a tad too sweet for me, but they'd do well with a younger crowd. I imagine stylish teenagers with a sweet tooth being wooed away from cute popsicles and into the sophisticated, fashionable world of Magnum. Never too early to develop expensive taste.

Guests were invited to customise a souvenir to take home; piping their names or a message on a block of chocolate. I ran out of space for 'Jasiminne' and made do with---

We were ushered into the grand ballroom to take our seats for the fashion show.

 I leapt out of my seat and made a beeline for the dessert table, naturally.

I took all those photos on Michiekin's camera, between the two of us you can tell where our interests lie; she in fashion styling and me in food styling.

Plenty of time to selca---self capture---before the show starts.

First; a video presentation about the creative process behind the collection. Obviously inspired by chocolate, Jovian Mandagie took it a step further and incorporated chocolate into each look. Chocolate earrings, shoes made of chocolate, chocolate headpieces, chocolate collars. And if being the Willy Wonka of fashion wasn't enough, he designed two gowns inspired by Magnum's new flavours---chocolate brownie and chocolate strawberry---made with chocolate as well as another two gowns made entirely with chocolate. Head to delicious toe.

The mood of the evening was set by the music, a fiddler vigorously working up a storm to dramatic highland music. I was very roused, rather impressed, and mostly playing the movie Brave in my head.

The show begins...

Chocolate shoes! 

One of the two finale dresses (is this chocolate brownie or chocolate strawberry?), made with chocolate. 

As the model floated by the most imaginably rich, delicious, scent of chocolate filled our noses and made me positively heady. I want to get married in a chocolate gown! If ever I felt peckish...just turn my head to the right and take a bite out of my collar.

Prior to attending, I was unfamiliar with Jovian Mandagie's work and so didn't know what to expect. So I was pleasantly surprised with the collection! I loved the drama; the way the skirts rippled and trains billowed, the exquisite details; lace, fringeing, sequins, and the colours! Pale, shimmering nudes, rich browns, and the blacks! Velvet black, silky black, shimmery black (I like black). That the accessories were made from chocolate and the collection smelt like a box of chocolates pushed me over the edge.

The two gowns crafted entirely from chocolate. I'm not crazy about the 'veins' of the dress in the background but I love the detail of the first dress's train. Those ruches...those folds...gorgeous.

Met up with Briekins, whose new fringe and glossy jet black colour only just made me realise that her hair is waist length. She's a mermaid...!

Ice-cream cocktails are all very good, but for true self-indulgence you can't beat customizing your own Magnum ice-cream bar. 

I picked two toppings---coconut flakes and almond---which were mixed in a tumbler; shaken, not stirred. I was given a block of vanilla ice-cream on a stick to twirl in the chocolate fountain, coating it evenly (and dare I say perfectly?) with chocolate. The toppings were sprinkled on and stuck perfectly to the chocolate coat which immediately solidified onto the ice-cream bar. 

The texture is not crunchy like the Magnum one buys in shops, but rather chewy, like a very cold marshmallow, and not unlike those fancy, hand made, artisan ice-creams. 

My masterpiece---

We caught up with friends & acquaintances alike, I stuffed my Birkin full of chocolates & truffles from the dessert table, and we made our way to Pavilion for a late dinner.

And some street-style shots, naturally. It's so much fun being out & about with Nana, someone even more fastidious about taking photos than I am. I felt far less self-conscious when she stood outside of Ralph Lauren throwing some serious shapes and posing like a pro, oblivious to passerby. And Malaysians are the sort to stare and gape! So...might as well make it worth their while). 

Two Leos (me and Nana) vs. a calm Aquarius...Michiekins is the perfect water to our fire. Aunty ini pandai layan budak kecik.

Michiekins "All my best friends are Leos!"
Me "You are a lion tamer!"
Michiekins "More like the meat that gets eaten by the lions..." Hahahahaha! True that.

With the combined vainglorious nature of me, Brie, and Nana, I certainly felt less bad about dragging everyone up and down Jalan Bukit Bintang (Starhill) to find the perfect spot to take photos.

Michiekins, Brie, and Nana "Where are you taking us! Our feet huuuuuurt *whine* we're in heels!"
Me "So am I!"
"You're wearing wedges! That's cheating!"
Sean patiently holds Brie's hand, he's used to all of this. And also he's not wearing heels so he has no reason to complain.
Me "God, you guys have no stamina. You would not do well in a marathon."
"Do we LOOK like the sort to run marathons?!!!"

Yeah, maybe if CHANEL was having a sale.

Before we adjourned for the evening, a bit of late night window shopping...

Let me in!

Sadly nobody opens past midnight.



  1. good post! super funny the last pic! :D

    1. all credits go to the amazing photographer ;) xx

  2. You gotta train your men up if you are serious about a future together ;)
    Great manicly fast post Buxomzilla.

    1. Oh master, teach me your secrets!
      Teach me how to (train your) dougie teach me teach me how to dougie!

  3. AnonymousMay 09, 2013

    Hi, I am looking to invest in a Birkin. How much did you get your for and what size is it? Also what colour would you suggest, as I love your style?

    1. Hi! Great choice, Birkins are classics!

      It's my mum's so I don't know exactly how much it cost, but she got it from Hermes Malaysia which I think is slightly more expensive than if you get it in Paris VAT-free. It's 35cm and the prices start at $9000 USD, depending on the choice of leather.

      For your first I'd say get one in a colour that matches most of your wardrobe. Black and tan are really versatile. Or maybe get one in your favourite colour? Size-wise 405cm is a bit big and heavy for everyday use. I find 35-30cm much easier to lug around, and it's also very roomy---I can fit spare shoes and an iPad in a 35!

      Hope that helps. Have fun picking your Birkin!


    2. Whoops, I meant 40cm not 405cm. That would just be excessive...x