F1 Party: Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge '13

March 25, 2013

Same shizniz, different year.

The novelty of Formula 1 may have finally worn off on me---one can only endure the punishing heat & humidity of Sepang International Circuit only to be rewarded by ear-splitting engine cacophony for so long---after all I've been attending the Malaysian Grand Prix almost every year despite not actually being a motorhead. This year I skipped out on F1 and instead gave my usual seats to some friends. But no matter how weary I get of loud cars my love for the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge party never wavers...!

It is, apart from the F1 Charity Gala dinner, pretty much the definitive F1 season party. 

I'm wearing--- Herve Leger // YSL // ShoesShoesShoes

Sukins---"Let's go take 'ooud' pictures!" She means 'outfit of the day' (ootd). Yes, we pronounce acronyms as though they were actual words. CIMB Bank becomes Chimp Bank, FMFA is Fehmfaah, OOTD sounds vaguely Canadian. Funny ma! 

What's there not to love about the Black Circuit Lounge? This year's may have been less happening than last year's party---maybe it had something to do with the location in Subang Skypark?---but all the basic ingredients were still there. Free flow of Johnnie Walker and my good friends. Which is all one really needs for a good time.

That, and a nice shiny bottle of Gold Label reserve. 

Kim Ong and her hubby Josiah. Long time no see!

Avec Michiekins et Kim.

Nana and Jane.

Sukins seems impressed by Michiekin's mixing skill. Spoiler; there is no mixing skill, it's just Black Label on the rocks.

With just a dash of water.

There were also cocktails for those who like their drinks a little sweeter.

Sukins with crazy eyes. Stare so much at the whisky eyes also turn gold. If that sentence made no grammatical sense, that's because it was written in Malaysian English. Confused? Have another whisky.

Sukins & Nana.

Joyce and her friends whose names I've lost to one too many cocktails that night. I'm sorry! Time to take gingko biloba for my failing memory.

I have no idea what's going on here, but I think Joyce might be impressed. Or distracted. Or horrified. Or all of the above.

Someone started passing cigars round and a rather tipsy Michiekins had a puff...

...she looks deceptively seasoned but it's a lie, she doesn't even smoke. Pose for pictures only la.

I thought I'd give it a go...

I can't, I just can't.

Group photo!

Nadine and Sukins.

I need to stop my bad habit of slouching, especially when posing for pictures. I do this because I'm above average height (168cm) and size for a Malaysian Chinese. Having grown up being teased mercilessly for being 'tall' and busty I've developed a bit of a hunch to hide my natural assets. It's a love-hate relationship; on one hand I hate getting the kind of attention for my size (Malaysians are the type to stare & gawk openly, not at all subtle) on the other hand I'm proud of the strength I think it affords my stance and wear heels. Not for the added height, mind you, but to improve my gait (I walk more delicately in heels) and stretch out my proportions (again, I'm quite  large). I need to get over being plus-sized, and just embrace the fact that I'll never be the kind of petite, fragile waif that Asian men go crazy for.

Ironically I also slouch next to people taller than me ie. Nadine. It's a lifetime of conscious hiding that's been ingrained in my posture...!

Not long after midnight a lovesick (and drunk) Michiekins was missing her hubby who just returned from a work trip, so I drove Michiekin's car and chauffered her to go meet up with him.

I went back to hers to change, parked at her carpark, left her in the car to go upstairs and the drunk fool Michiekins leaned over from the back seat and honked as loudly as she could. AT ONE IN THE MORNING. As if the neighbours don't already hate us enough for being so happening. Siao.

There's no afterparty like a Ramly burger, fresh from a street cart, eaten outdoors on the little bit of turf between streets, sitting on filthy plastic chairs & tables in the wee hours of the morning!

Keep it street, keep it real.

See the lipstick all over my burger...?

Some of it ended up on my face.

From parties in designer dresses to street food in pajamas.

This is the kind of balance I think everyone needs in their life.

I had such a fun time, thank you Johnnie Walker, thank you Michiekins, thank you Sukins, and thank you Ramly burger.



  1. Hi Jasminne just drop by and like ur blog keep it up.

    1. Thank you but you spelt my name wrong! It's Jasiminne. *pedantic*

  2. No way are you plus size. And 168cm isn't even that tall. Stop comparing yourself to Asian girls, most of them are tiny. You and your friends are hot in different ways, just enjoy what you have. Ta!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thank you, that's nice of you to say so but I AM Asian, of course I'd compare myself to them.

    1. Aren't you mixed? I thought you are Eurasian.

  4. No I am predominantly Chinese. I don't consider myself (or anyone) 'mixed' unless at least 1/4 of their genetic makeup is 'different'...

  5. OhMaGad~ your boobs, amazing! It's a 'perfect pair' hahaha.. y'know, some people just save their money throughout their life, just wanna get it like dat!

    1. Thanks! It's the dress. Herve Leger does wonders for the curves.