Bangkok Day 1: Be Muse-d.

March 20, 2013
It seems like every Malaysian & Singaporean I know makes a trip to Bangkok between January to March. Like how every jaded Londoner hops on the Eurostar for a quick trip to Paris (Bond Street to Champs-Élysées all in one day, anyone?) Bangkok is the SEA (South East Asian) destination for a city break. Foreign enough to be of cultural interest & wonder, yet near enough to be cheap & cheerful.  And how cheap Bangkok is! The food, the taxis, the massages...a one-hour, professional full body massage for 200 baht?! That's £4...what can you buy for that money in London? Maybe a third of a bottle of nail polish...Fudge, I need to move to Bangkok.

Last week Michiekins & I did the done thing and nipped over to Bangkok, just for a few days, for a little change of scenery. A friend introduced us to a luxury boutique hotel in Lang Suan called Hotel Muse. We clicked on the website...and we were sold. The moody and dramatically lit interiors, the neoclassical shapes and design, the dark colours...Muse Hotel is the thing my gothic-lite dreams are made of!

Playing hide & seek in the shadowy hallways of Hotel Muse...

...I see you.

We checked our cozy room out and put the bed to the golek test.

Yes, plenty of pergolekan yang tidak terhingga potential.

The hotel tour video on the Hotel Muse website was set to the soothing strains of Catriona Irving's Sitting On The Shelf Without Shelly, the first track of Hotel Muse music collection curated by Julien Barthe aka Plaisir de France. Naturally that was the soundtrack of our entire stay.

I have Sitting On The Shelf Without Shelly (Plaisir de France remix) Catriona Irving stuck in my head ever since...

Having sufficiently rolled from one end of the bed to the other, we hopped into a cab and nipped out for a bit.

'No sex please, we are Thai'.

After about four (or five?) hours of shopping of which we were too busy and too exhausted to take any photos of, we went for a vigorous 2 hour full-body massage. Where again, we were too exhausted being kneaded, beaten, and contorted to every exquisite avenue of pain (the good type) to do anything else but grimace and then immediately sigh of relief. Nothing like having a cheerful, matronly Thai woman beat the devil out of you. Afterward, every fibre of my being felt tender yet pliable, tired yet rejuvenated, and revived although thoroughly ready for bed.

But not before dinner. We popped into a little restaurant across the alley from our massage parlour, and had seafood, seated outside looking out into the little street, watching tuk-tuks and farangs go by. 

People watching while ripping into freshly grilled crab, the lightest, sweetest pad thai ever, sipping from an ice-cold coconut...slowly falling asleep with warm food in my belly after an incredibly thorough was all so relaxing that the moment we got back to the hotel my head hit the pillow and I passed out.


Recharging my batteries for the next two days in Bangkok to come.



  1. That bed looks divine!!

  2. Hi where are your sunglasses in this post? I absolutely love them

    1. From a little stall in a Bangkok market! Can't remember which or where, sorry!

  3. Plus sized? Purleaseeee...You are FAB Jasiminne! I'm 175cm but not as well endowed as you :P

  4. Loving the blog Jasiminne, so inspired and inspiring! Hope to see you on Triptease again soon...