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Our second day in Langkawi was a lot more productive than the first. Sure, all the touristy things we swore we'd do ie. eagle-feeding, partying on Cenang beach, island-hopping, rainforest hiking never came to fruition because we are just that lazy. But we stepped up our golek (frolic) game and woke up  early for a full day of doing sweet nothing. There is no greater luxury than having lots of time to waste! Aaaah, not for all the jewels of Arabia. Absolutely worth waking up at nine a.m for. Yes that is early, for Golek-Unit.

I rolled out of bed, stumbled out on to our chalet's balcony, and looked to the sea beneath us to admire the morning sun sparkling on the gentle waves like little jewels. 

Water chalets may be smaller than rainforest suites, but for a view you just can't beat living on stilts out on the sea. How soothing is it to fall asleep to the sound of waves softly crashing around you? Very.

Michiekins, Sheena-chan & I dragged our bleary selfs---fine, we called to be picked up from our rooms and shuttled to---to the beach restaurant for breakfast. A lot of breakfast. Behold, the spread below is not even half the food we had between the three of us. We all had something like 3 plates of food each, yes, well, one needs fuel for all the frolicking one intends to do later.

In a little over an hour I laid siege to; 2 plates of french toast, one plate of waffles, a plate of nasi lemak, a fruit platter, some char siu bao...and ice-cream.

Right after we driven back to the chalet, I promptly lay down for a post-breakfast nap and fell asleep for 4 hours. 4 hours of lucid dreams and sleep paralysis, how predictable. I didn't even panic when I woke up trapped in my own body, unable to twitch even a finger. I just rolled my eyes (in my imagination, every part of my body was frozen solid) and thought; Right, back to sleep, we'll try again in half an hour. 

I finally woke up at 3pm and hauled myself to the beach; where a glorious sunny day was waiting. You know what wasn't waiting? Michiekins & Sheena-chan, they were already doing their own thing on the  beach. Which was...doing nothing.

I love Langkawi's beaches; the finest white sand as soft as talcum powder and clear waters with shoals of tiny little fish that swim around your ankles.

ASOS bikini // hotel shop sarong // The Row sunnies

Pardon the sarong; it's the only buffer between my food baby and your genteel eyes. 

Michiekins' bikini is from Topshop, I'm fairly certain.

Bumper to bumper.

We took the Golek-ing to a new level, that is Pergolekan Laut Cetek (shallow-sea frolicking).


1) Stealing Michiekin's bikini top and playing catch with it.
2) Sheena-chan going naked in the sea.
3) Waiting for waves to carry us back to the beach. 
4) Scooping for sea shells in the mud with our bare hands, giving the sea shells names and backstories.
 (Which one ran away from home and which one is gay and pretending to date a Lady?), 
5) Holding hermit crabs in the palm of our hands waiting for then crabs to come out.
And then screaming like sissies only to toss them back into the water, and 
6) Towing a stranded dugong out to sea.

That dugong, by the way, was me. Let it be known that I did not willingly accept my role in the game.

I remember some of the shells being named...umm...there was Regina, Aloysius, uh...I think there was a Nigel...?

Clearly not having learnt my lesson about the perils of over eating, only a couple hours later I went back to the beach restaurant for a late lunch. Or pre-dinner. 

Moments before this photo Sheena-chan wrapped her towel around her head like a hijab and deadpanned from behind her giant sunglasses, "Aku wanita Melayu terakhir." (I am the last of the Malay ladies)

My tuna tartare was a bit too creamy for my liking but the garlic toast and coleslaw salad hit the spot. Just enough to tide me over till dinner.

We moved our party to the pool.

Swimming under a waterfall in a pool surrounded by coconut trees, bordered with a beach on one side and rainforest mountains on the other. Quite a lovely view.

Golek-lympics. Much harder to do in a pool than you'd think.

I love water distortion; thanks to the ripples I could almost pass for not fat. 
You know how horny sailors mistake dugongs for mermaids? Well...same theory.

Ravenous from all the floating, we walked the wooden bridge from our chalets out to the resort's Thai restaurant. Imagine having dinner, al fresco, in restaurant on a wooden hut in the middle of the sea. All around you is endless water, never-ending horizon, dark as ink yet shimmering with the gentleness of silk in the wind. In the distance a fishing boat's lamp sways gently and adds another shining star to the collection of ship lights reflecting on the waves. 

It's rather romantic, I assure you.

To shatter that dreamy picture, here's a shocking fact. The theme for the night was No Bra Night. Yes, the girls were free. Not my idea; it was the other two's. I mean Michiekins and Sheena, not my...nevermind. Anyway, they're the rebels, not me.

After dinner we adjourned to the lounge for cocktails and live music.

A few too many drinks that tasted like sweeties later we walked down to the beach, singing Disney songs all the way...

...before passing the children's pool.

What ensued was one of the more typically mengada exchanges between Sheena and I.

*Mengada--- (Malay) inventive, fanciful, full of ridiculous ideas etc.

There was a rock in the middle of the children's pool.

Sheena, (clearly very drunk at this point) beseeched "Oh mai goooood Jaaaas!"
Me, "What?"
S "That rock has your name written all over it! If only your hair was still red! You'd be perfect as Ariel, on that rock singing in the middle of the water!"
Me (also drunk), "I'll do it."
S "Do it do it do it DO IT ARIEL!"
Michelle (not at all drunk) "Oh my god guys please don't. You're so embarassing."

I stripped down to my swimsuit, kicked off my sandals and perched on the rock---

Singing Ariel's Part Of Your World. Remember the reprise; after she saves Prince Eric and sings wistfully from a rock in the sea?



Sheena-chan videos the whole thing. I made her do it four times, just to be sure that she captured all my mermaidness. Hahahhaa that's the very definition of mengada-ada. 

The video was a lot funnier when we were drunk than the next morning.

I woke up to this lovely Twitter three-way---

Yeah, whatever homies, ya'll just jealous 'cos I'M A MERMAID.



related blog post; LANGKAWI DAY 1
February 27, 2013


Related blog post;   LANGKAWI DAY 1 Our second day in Langkawi was a lot more productive than the first . Sure, all the touristy thing...