January 28, 2013

Random party snaps; last Friday at Bodo's, and with Barnsey somewhere in Mayfair sometime in the last week (can't remember)

Those of Chinese descent can never be auspicious enough. We favour certain symbols, numbers, and colours to bring us luck, shun some colours and numbers during certain periods, and we place a lot of importance on those things. Superstition? Perhaps, but it's deeply ingrained in our culture no matter how modern or forward thinking we think we are...just ask the guy who pays hundreds of thousands for a license plate bearing the numbers '8888' or the horrified shrieks at Chinese New Year when someone shows up dressed in black, or worse, white...

With my fellow Malaysian Chinese brother from another mother, Winson, on a long overdue catchup. Superstitious Asians unite!

Chinese New Year is round the corner, as I've been reminding everyone with my seasonal Golek-Unit greeting card.

How did I ever make it into Central St. Martin's with my terrible Photoshop skills? Because my photoshopping is not actually that terrible, at least not on purpose.

In the true spirit of Chinese New Year I've embraced the most auspicious of colours, red. We're supposed to wear new clothes, in red, and any excuse to shop backed by tradition is certainly not one I will dispute. 

So, I picked up a few new things and brought out of storage some red accessories. These are my Chinese New Year auspicious style choices.

My great-grandfather's vintage trunk and my favourite Paul & Joe cat pattern luggage.

My luggage for Malaysia is already good to go. I always pack weeks ahead of my trips, it's the only way to be sure that the things I want to bring with me don't mysteriously end up in Narnia. Why do all the clothes I want always disappear right before I need them?

I'm recycling last year's YSL belt. Oh, back in the day before Saint Laurent dropped the Y...why, Y?

And my trustworthy YSL clutch... 

Found these red Carvela heels that I bought ages ago but never wore. This is the year.

Something new, red studded flats from my friend's label, Vincci. I suppose they're like the H&M of Malaysia? Trendy shoes at high-street prices.

The dress I'm wearing on the first day of Chinese New Year, a cute burgundy Missguided number. I also got burgundy skinny jeans and a red maxi skirt, also from Missguided...

...and just to be sure that no one will be more auspicious than me, I'm replenishing the redness of my hair, painting my nails 'Dragon' red, and wearing my lucky 'Russian Red lipstick'.  Even my perfume is Jasmin Rouge, 'red Jasmin'. Oh lord I do love a good pun.

Gods of auspiciousness, please let my redness be seen and kindly grant me prosperity, fortune, and luck this year. May I also be blessed with these arm candies---

Please, please, please, endow with enough angpaos this year so I can treat myself to those. RM10,000+ is not too unreasonable mah! Michelle Ooi I'm counting on your double angapo to deliver! Besides, I just reviewed my taxes and I've worked hard last year, I deserve a reward.

Also, my mum sent me these, pictures from October's Estee Lauder Pink Ribbon charity dinner in this month's Malaysia Tatler.

Just look at me trying to hustle in on Karim and Jaclyn's duet!

Is that an auspicious sign? I'll take anything as an auspicious sign, I'm superstitious enough.


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