January 01, 2013
My New Year's Eve was a fairly chilled-out, civilized, & relaxed affair. They say you should begin the year the same way you intend to carry it on; well I intend for 2013 to be exciting yet not strenuous, for it to be eventful yet balanced, and to finally learn when to say no and gracefully make an exit. I've definitely mellowed with age; I know I say this every year like it means something, but I do genuinely think I mean it this time. 2012 has at least given me a clearer idea of what I think I'd like my life to be.

So...I kept it simple. Making acquaintances and delightful conversation over dinner, drinks & dancing with a few of my favourite Londoners, counting down to midnight, nipping off to see more friends, wishing everyone I saw (cab drivers, doormen, strangers on the street, pigeons) a Happy New Year! And of course, the classic midnight kiss.

We wined, dined, danced, kissed, and ushered in the new year at Brompton's before popping off to Notting Hill to visit some friends. Really; it was not so different from any other night of the year if not for the relentless optimism in the air, prevailing merriness throughout London, beaming faces and happy, laughing, people everywhere. Which is what everyday and everynight of every year should be.

Happy New Year. 

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  1. Happy New Year Jasikins and Dalekins! ahhaha <3 <3

    1. You forgot Coolio-kins and L.V-kins! And Sticky-kins!