January 03, 2013
Is evolution a steady, gradual, process, with small but consistent variations over a long period? 
Or is evolution, as punctuated equilibrium suggests, rapid bursts of sudden change in an otherwise 
morphologically stable existence that changes little over the course of a lifetime?
Does personal evolution have to be one or the other? Can it be both? 
Can a flame burn steadily through the night, then waiver to almost nothing and then suddenly burst back into power, illuminating a room?
Certainly. Contradiction is key to human nature. How terrible, how beautiful. 



1. Master The Secret.
 2. Travel more.
3. Speak to my family more often.
4. Execute & finish projects. Do more of a commercial nature.
5. Finish ALL my unfinished projects instead of hoarding and sitting on them like Smaug The Terrible. 
6. Cook more. 
7. Tame L.V. I shall have him eat out of my hand.
8. Resume socialising. 
9. Figure out how to use manual settings on my Leica D-Lux 5. Stop taking photos in auto.
10. Lose 11 pounds / 5 kg the healthy way, that is, to change my lifestyle.
Stop bingeing everyday. I refuse to wear spanx and breathe in for photos for the rest of my life.


1. Volunteer. Soup kitchen? Battersea Cats & Dogs home? Teaching, like I did at START Society
2. Convert my Malaysian driving license to British.
3. Improve my appearance. I'm considering Botox to soften my overly strong jawline.
And Revitalift get rid of the eye bag & dark circle under my right eye.
4. Move my blog to my custom domain.


1. Touch up my hair's black roots.
2. Build the ultimate Hamsta's Paradise for Coolio
3. Make a lamp out of the Moet & Chandon magnum sitting in my kitchen.
4. Pay last year's taxes, ugh.
5. Get my business cards and stickers printed.
6. Change my blog header.
7. Take more photos with Max.
8. It's time for another IKEA trip! Who's game? Done!

And finally, nauseating couple talk. Hamster-related, of course.

Him, singing to the tune of J-Lo 'If You Had My Love'---
"♬ If you were a hamster, I'd put you in a teacup and take a photo. That's how cute you are. "

Me, "I want to feed Coolio and L.V meal worms! But I'm afraid of worms. Can you do it for me?" 
Him, "I hate worms too but I'll do it for you."

I bought Burgess SupaHamster dwarf hamster Harvest and it comes mixed with freeze-dried mealworms.
Now he won't have to decapitate live worms and hand feed them to the squeakers.
I went ALL the way to Pets At Home in SE10---yes, SOUTH OF THE RIVER---just to get that particular brand of hamster mix.
 I am such a considerate girlfriend. And such a caring mother.

One more piece of hilarity, courtesy of the internet---

The award for most hilarious hamster name ever goes to...'Ham Ka Chan'. 
That's a Cantonese curse so awful, so horribly vulgar, it's almost comical when used among your best friends.
It means "Death to your family's entire generation."
I laughed. I am going to hell.



  1. please remember to buy your air tickets back to Malaysia... or just remind your mom's PA!

    1. Thanks for reminding me! Will Whatsapp the staff tomorrow. Love youuuu Hay-Z!!! xx