December 18, 2012
Last Saturday one of the most beautiful, funniest, and effortlessly cool people I know had her birthday party. In typical India style, she didn't just settle for a molten lava chocolate cake at TGIF with a single candle on top. She went and transformed The Embassy Mayfair into Narnia---pine trees, snow, sheets of (fake) ice...oh and a big effing sled.

All hail India, the birthday girl and Snow Queen. 

I've never seen The Embassy look so 'crystalline'. Lucite ghost chairs clearly belong in Narnia.

HK the freshmaker & Barnesy 'Hip Hop Paris Hilton'.

Me and Barnesy who's adopting me for Christmas. She is my crack spirit guide. 

Idina & India redefining 'icy cool blondes'.

Millie the unicorn, Idina, and Diana the Christmas tree/mermaid/siren.

India & Bobby, the prettiest satyr I ever did see.

The night's festivities began with dinner.

Doorknobs! Top knots and painted head-to-toe in gold...that's a commitment.

We dined on starters of warm gressingham duck salad with fig dressing,

...homemade cod ravioli with red pepper confit,

...and burrata & organic tomato salad.

Millie's seeing stars.

For our mains we had the most buttery soft Scottish halibut with wild mushrooms and roasted vegetables, all mopped up with a red wine sauce perfectly accented with the sweetest, juiciest cherry tomatoes that burst in your mouth when you plucked them off the vine.  

...as well as roast corn fed chicken with mascarpone polenta, braised carrots, and thyme jus. 

There was also a vegetarian main but I wasn't paying attention. To be honest I was just mesmerized by the halibut.

There's dessert coming, just pudding it out there.

I enjoyed the winter pavlova with berries and chocolate sauce...

...but not nearly as much as the Montelimart nougat with mulled wine coulis, of which I had two and a half. 

Birthday cake for a birthday girl!

When India failed to blow out the sparkler she dipped it in a glass of water. As it started smoking furiously I backed away like crazy. After the speech to her which included anecdotes of India's numerous mishaps (including hitting someone in the face with a golf club) you couldn't really blame me. 

Freshening up with my girls. I love how there's two couples and each pair are looking in a different direction; it's like we're not even posing for the same photo. If we were technology, we'd fail to sync. Big time.

Meanwhile, HK and Storm try to thaw Azlan and melt away his icy exterior...


The next six photos lovingly pilfered from India's Facebook.

Iced out.

Megabooth funtimes in the back of a taxicab. A white taxicab, of course. This is Narnia in winter.

The night went by in a flurry of music, costumes, fur coats, fake snow being scattered by the wind from outside, and hundreds of trips to the open bar. Somewhere around three in the morning the party decamped to Scotch and then Sanctum Soho.

I was far less hardcore and far too boring. I didn't last till dawn, instead I bundled my intoxicated, bleary-eyed, over-the-hill self in a taxi and got home way before the sun came up. And then I filled up at Duck & Waffle for a very early Sunday breakfast before finally falling into bed.

I imagine that by then many of Narnia's finest were still going strong!

'Twas an enchanting night, but what would I know, I didn't make it through the entire thing.

Happy Birthday darling India, and many more glorious and happy returns to come!

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