November 01, 2012
On Halloween night (Wednesday) I thought I’d step out of my comfort zone—-ie. ghoulish, gory, gothic, all things that start with G—-and try something different. I put the fake blood away and decided that this year I would go as a demure philanthropist in support of breast cancer awareness. Dosen’t my ‘costume’ look convincing?



Haha, I’m only joking, this isn’t a Halloween costume, nor was I dressed up as anything. I was actually at the Estee Lauder Pink Ribbon Charity Ball, to show my support for their Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

L1080138 L1080140

Estee Lauder threw a ball in the Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur—-only a couple of weeks ago I was there for the Malaysia Tatler Ball—-a night of dinner, entertainment, and an auction. All proceeds from the tables as well as from the auction would go to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association, Cancer Research Initiatives Foundation, and the College of Radiology Malaysia & National Cancer Society Malaysia.


L1080243 L1080245

Me, after the gala, with my bidding paddle—-I was at table 29, where were you?—-and my win from the auction…more on that later.

I meant to wear a very racy black maxi dress with a plunging neckline and cut-out sides at the waist but demurred (or should I say demure-d?) at the last minute. In lieu of an evening gown I threw on a chiffon skirt from ASOS, a simple beaded top and a string of my mother’s pearls. Oh and a clutch from River Island that I added spikes to for a little edge. I pretty much ended up with more or less the same outfit I wore to Hendrick’s Splendid Soiree last month. But the fate of the earth’s sustainability depends on us to recycle instead of excessively consuming. And recycle, I did.

L1070998 L1070999

With mummy and Selina.


Double Js…! When we ran into each other we both said at the same time; “Whoa, finally, somebody our age and from our ‘friend group’!”. By ‘friend group’ I think he meant The Real Housewives Of Mont Kiara. 

The Shangri-La Grand ballroom was bathed in pink light, which in real life was not at all jarring as the pictures may lead you to believe. In fact it was quite soft, and rather flattering.

L1080049L1080028 L1080030 L1080031


Mummy and I by our table; we sat right in front just one table left from the main table, with a great view of the stage. We’re all extremely near-sighted.

L1080069 L1080032 L1080036 L1080039 L1080044



I opened my little package from Estee Lauder to find a pink ribbon which I promptly wore on my bosom.

And also some little pink boxes from Estee Lauder. I contemplated giving them away on my blog…but given that nobody reads this surely it would be just my friends Whatsapp-ing me with “Forget the giveaways and just give me the goodies!” So give them to my friends I will…

L1080087 L1080091


Our emcee for the evening, the ever upbeat Datuk Yasmin Yusuff. Even though she was faced with a rather reserved crowd who were somewhat tepid; no doubt from being way past their bedtime on a school night, Datuk Yasmin was unwavering in engaging the crowd and keeping the momentum going. No easy task on a Thursday night, but I really had to give her credit for working so hard…!


The adults talk business while I Instagram/take photos/text friends at the other tables/speculate about what would be up for auction.


K and mummy.

The food was so-so; after being spoilt by a month of gastronomical delights—-you can peruse my archives for October here—-it was hard to please me. But even so the simple 4-course dinner failed to live up to the dazzling menu Shangri-La served only less than a month ago, in the very same ballroom, for the Tatler Ball.

L1080093 L1080116 L1080132


The salmon did look quite cute though, all the baby vegetables and bright colours made me think of children’s meals.

Never mind the food, the real tasty treat in store was the performer of the night, Ramin Karimloo.

L1080155 L1080156 L1080144 L1080148

The gorgeous Iranian-born Canadian famous for his critically-acclaimed portrayal as the Phantom in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Love Never Dies wowed and blew me away with his incredible voice.

I’m a HUGE fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber. As a teenager I’d listen to the West End recordings of Phantom Of The Opera, Cats, Starlight Express etc. and even though I’d never seen so much of a recorded performance of the musicals I would use my imagination and draw the scenes in my mind just by the songs alone…! I know all the lyrics to Phantom Of The Opera and did a cover of Think Of Me for a project back when I was studying Advertising Design at The One Academy.

So to hear Mr. Karimloo sing Music Of The Night, pitch-perfect, with just the right measure of power yet vulnerability that the Phantom’s voice was famous for (I believe the phrase is ‘tremulous and tender’), and exactly the way I imagine the Phantom to sing it…was incredible. I swooned.


Ramin Karimloo as the Phantom performing Music Of The Night (Royal Albert Hall)

L1080160 L1080162

He’s pretty easy on the eyes, sans Phantom mask and makeup.


Then Jaclyn Victor showed up for the duets and burst my bubble.

L1080170 L1080173


She’s very beautiful and has impressive singing prowess but I couldn’t help think that it should have been ME that Ramin was singing ‘All I Ask Of You’ to. *sulks*

The auction begins…

L1080227 L1080229

I would’ve paid any amount of money to have Mr. Karimloo serenade me to sleep with Music Of The Night…but alas the bidding was restricted to jewellery and other sort of simple things.


To be honest I was a little annoyed with the audience…I know Malaysians are a relatively conservative bunch who don’t like to stand out for the wrong reasons…but bidding at an auction to raise money for a breast cancer awareness campaign is NOT a ‘wrong reason’. Nobody wanted to be the first to lift their paddles of go higher…it was quite shameful, if I may say so. At first it was so quiet—-the ballroom were literally just murmuring—-that MY table did all the bidding just to get the ball rolling.

I know it’s a school night, I know it’s late, I know you’re all a bit sleepy…but this is a charity gala, please think of the bigger picture and the good your participation could do…! We’re all in this together to do our bit to help. And don’t pretend you’re not going higher because you’re poor. I’M the one who’s broke, please refer to my blog title. I know for a fact how much your holiday costs, so please, don’t hold back.


My mummy doing what she does best, fundraising and being nonchalantly bemused about it. All in a day’s work.

L1080220 L1080223 L1080217 L1080231

We sipped our teas and headed home. I left with the spoils of my winning bid; a slick wood case of Tom Ford private blend. Four dark, mysterious, heady scents perfect for the days of winter that await me when I go back to London.


They smell incredible. And, everytime I look at the bottles, glistening and upright in the glossy wooden case with ‘Tom Ford’ embossed in gold, I am reminded of an evening where I drifted of to Ramin Karimloo’s intoxicating voice bathed in soft baby pink light, and how grateful I am that I’m blessed to be healthy, strong, and have the support of loving family & friends.

“Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;
Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies;
Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” Psalm 103: 3-5


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